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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Update on Life: July 2013

Hey everyone today I am doing a update on my life!

This year has been crazy so far! So let's go back to March 10th when Chloe was born via emergency c-section. The reason why I had a emergency c-section was because Chloe was breech and I started dilating. That day at 5:50pm Chloe was born and she was 6 pounds and 7 ounces. Now Chloe is 4 months and half!!! It is going by fast I just can't believe it. So not to long ago we found out that Chloe has Torticollis which means the neck muscles on her left side are very short and now Chloe attends physical therapy. The staff is so friendly and amazing that I am glad we have them to help us with Chloe. As of feeding, all we feed her right now is her formula still but we added Gerber Apple Juice just a small amount of it and Gerber Rice Cereal with a spoon.

With my life nothing has really changed, I still live with my parents and probably will for a while till me and Josh finally move in together. Me and Josh decided to put our wedding on hold because we just don't have any money saved up. As of our relationship it's always up and down, right now we are dealing with the time zone and not having enough time to talk to each other. It's sad though that we are not making time for each other and we should. I can't remember the last time me and Josh talked on phone or even video chatted. It seems some times that I make more of a effort than he does. I want him to try but I can't force him to. It's really hard because some times I get frustrated with him because of the distance. I just wish he would give more of a effort to want to communicate with me and his daughter. I just hate texting I try to send him video messages when I can so he can see Chloe. It's just been really hard lately because I want that family with him I want him to understand that we need to try everything we can to make this work and to actually set time aside so we can talk or video chat. I just want him to have that bond with his daughter. Josh is still in Hawaii he will be visiting us in December.

I am still a stay at home mom but I do start College next month! As of right now I am taking two courses that go with my Child Development major but I am also going through the process of getting into the Massage Therapy program. I have to turn in some papers to Financial aid and I have to go get a TB Shot and do a background check. After I do all of that I go to the building to apply for massage therapy program. I really hope I can get in! If I get into the program I will start September 9th. This has been a dream of mine ever since high school and I really want to pursue this. I know taking on two degrees is going to be a lot of work especially having a baby under 1 but I know I can do this.

Last thing I wanted to talk about is my bladder disease. I still have it and in October of this year it will be I think 3 years of dealing with this disease. When I was pregnant it didn't bother me much but now that I am not it has been driving me crazy again. My periods have been so messed up, I am in pain everyday and even some food has been driving my bladder to go crazy. My mom always tells me that I am a strong person because I deal with being in pain everyday and I don't even take medicine for it.

CES <3

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