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Saturday, July 13, 2013

My Thoughts of the Day: 7/13/13

Hey everyone hope you are having a great Saturday!

So today Chloe woke me up around 8am for her morning feed. After I fed and changed her we went into the living room and I put her in the play pen with her toys so I can make me breakfast. After I ate I got my pool bag ready and got dressed. My friend Kara picked me up around 11am while my mom watched Chloe for me.

Me and Kara went to the store then we changed into our bathing suits and went to the pool that she has at her apartment. I haven't been swimming in a while! Of course once I get in it takes me a while to adjust because I have a phobia of water. I have to slowly breathe and ease my self into the water. Everyone knows that I am not the best swimmer but I try. Anyways the pool was so nice because the water wasn't too cold or hot and me and Kara had the pool all to our selves. After a while though my stomach starting hurting so 1pm we got out and we started cooking tacos. As we ate we watched Big Daddy with Adam Sandler!

I came home at 3pm and now I am just relaxing in bed with Chloe.

Anyways I am waiting on Chloe doctor to call me back about Chloe physical therapy so I can get the information I need. I have no idea when it will start. I plan to do a update on that when I know more information on it. I really hope this helps with her head I really don't want her to wear a helmet but if she has to then we will work it out. Also I think Monday I am finally going to Financial Aid at my college to see if they can help me get into the Massage Therapy program! If I get in it starts in September.

This is my bathing suit. I got it at Burlington Coat Factory I think a year ago. The brand is Coco Reef.

I never seen these before till Kara gave me one. It's caffeine free Coca Cola. It still taste good! You can't taste a difference.

Me and Kara made Tacos and Dirty Rice.

Back home with my baby! She loves to chew on her toys.

CES <3

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