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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

10 Things I learned as a First Time Mom

Happy Wednesday everyone, We are almost to the weekend!
Today I thought I would share what I learned so far as being a first time mom.

#1: Babies love to pull hair!
I mostly have to keep my hair in a bun or a pony tail because Chloe loves to grab on my hair and she will not let go.

#2: You can't control everything. Just go with the flow.
It's basically what it says that you can't  control everything that things are going to happen with your baby. For example sometimes you might be late somewhere because you were feeding your baby. What I learned is to set my alarm an hour or so before we have to get actual ready so I can make sure Chloe needs are met. You have to just go with the flow.

#3: After having your baby, your hormones are still crazy and out of control.
This is very true because I still find my self crying for no reason or when I watch movies. I used to never cry before I was pregnant. I realized I just have to let it out it's not okay to keep it bottled up. My emotions are still high after having Chloe. Another thing is TMI but ladies your periods! My periods are so out of control it's insane. I learned you always have to carry around your pads or tampons because you never know when it's going to come. I will do a update on that soon in my 4 month postpartum update.

#4: Change your baby diaper quickly!
I thought that you only have to change diapers quickly with boys but I easily learned that you also have to change diapers quickly with girls! One time I didn't change Chloe quickly and she peed everywhere!!!

#5: Always keep a eye on your baby.
I am just saying this because Chloe is in the stage of rolling over and I can do something for a second then find her rolled over and screaming. Sometimes I find her burp cloth on her head. I learned that you need to always watch what they do and to limit the stuff you have laying around them.

#6: Shots will break your heart...
When my daughter had her 2 month shots my heart was breaking because of the pain I saw on her face. I even cried for her!

#7: Less is more!!
I thought that you needed so much stuff when you have a baby but I learned that less is more. I barely use all the stuff I bought for my daughter. I even bought products that I haven't even used yet. Best advice is to ask other moms what they used and what they think is most important to have so you don't end up buying stuff you won't use. It saves you money.

#8: Time goes by fast!
Everyone told me that babies grow up quickly but I didn't learn that till after Chloe was born. She is already 4 months old. It goes by so fast. Tip is to make sure you take plenty of pictures!!

#9: Sleep when your baby sleeps.
This is so true. Chloe only likes to take naps if I lay down with her and when I do I always end up falling asleep with her. Taking naps when your baby naps is essential. If you can do it!

#10: Only you know as a parent what's best for your child. Don't let others tell you what's best.
If you let other's tell you what's best for your child then you will never learn on your own. My mom did this at first to help me but now I do it by my self. I take care of Chloe mostly all by my self so now I have the confidence to know what is best for my child. Also everyone parenting style is different you don't have to be the same as everyone else. Find what works best for you and for you child.

*This is 10 things I learned as a first time mom! Just thought this would be fun to do and to share with ya'll what I learned so far. Maybe I will do one when Chloe becomes a toddler and share 10 things I learned as a mom with a toddler.*

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  1. Nice blog! I followed. Keep it up dear:) xxx

    Congrats on your little one. I really enjoyed reading this blog post.