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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Grocery Store Haul

Hey everyone today I went grocery store shopping with my mom and wanted to share some products that I got. We got more stuff than this but this is the stuff that I got for me. Look out for a baby haul soon! I got hair dye, College snacks, 4th of July essentials and more!!

Me and my mom been wanting to dye our hair for a while so now we finally got our hair dye. So I am naturally a blonde but right now my hair is brown. For a while now I been wanting to go back blonde so I really hope this color turns out. This is by Loreal Paris and its in 8G Golden Blonde. Me and my mom plan to dye our hair this week. I will do a blog post on it when I do it. My mom has brownish black hair and is dying her hair a dark brown.

I love Goldfish!!

I bought these Welch's fruit snacks and I plan on saving these for college.

I love these! They are Cinnamon Toast Crunch bars. I plan to save these for college as well.

I plan on saving these Marshmallows for 4th of July so we can roast these outside.

I bought some packs of Goldfish and Trail Mix to save for college.

I got this for Chloe to go with her 4th of July outfit. Only $2.50!

I really needed some eye cream because my under eyes is so horrible. I have really bad dark circles. I asked the employee working with the cosmetics and this is what she recommended.

I got this cup to use for college.

These are my favorite to eat. I am so addicted!

*So this is my haul! I am no way bragging just wanted to show ya'll what I get and what I love. Look out for a baby haul soon!*

CES <3

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