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Monday, July 8, 2013

My Summer Watch List 2013

Hey everyone! Hope this Monday is going by fast for you as it is for me.
Today I am doing my summer watch list which is basically telling you what TV shows have I been watching this summer. I will do this every season so I can share with ya'll what TV shows I watch! The next one will be in October....

Okay so I am going to put the day and then what shows I watch for that day....


* Switch at Birth (ABC Family) 7pm
* The Fosters (ABC Family) 8pm
* Under the Dome (CBS) 9pm


* Pretty little Liars (ABC Family) 7pm
* Twisted (ABC Family) 8pm


* Big Brother (CBS) 7pm
* Im having their baby (Oxygen) 9pm


* Big Brother (CBS) 8pm


* Big Brother (CBS) 7pm
* Food Network Star (Food Network) 8pm

*This is my current summer watch list! As you can see I don't watch anything on Friday and Saturday. I will do a updated one in October because there will be new shows coming on then. Hope you have a great day!*

CES <3