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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Co-sleeping: Pros and Cons...Why Did I do it

Hey everyone so today I am doing a post about the pros and cons of co-sleeping and why I did co-sleeping.

What is Co-Sleeping?

Co-sleeping is when babies and young children sleep in close proximity to one or both parents. It could be that you have their crib in your room or they sleep in the bed next to you.


* Making night time feedings more convenient
* Helps a nursing mom get her sleep cycle in sync with her baby
* Helps babies fall asleep more easily and go back to sleep more quickly
* Leads to more night time sleep overall
* Helps parents bond with their baby


* Less sleep because Infants tend to move around and kick their legs
* Potential risks such as SIDS
* Less intimacy time with you and your partner
* Less room on the bed
* Tough time adjusting once you move the baby out of your room or your bed

I got these pros and cons off the website called "What to expect when your expecting"

Why I did Co-Sleeping and My Experience:

Me and my daughter started co-sleeping when she was around 2 weeks to almost a month I think. She is 4 months now and we still do it, she sleeps right next to me in bed. Josh is in Hawaii and I have a big bed so I share with Chloe. Since we started co-sleeping it has helped with our bond because at first she bonded more with my mom than me. With co-sleeping it has helped me gain that bond with my daughter. I read and researched about the risks but I knew that this was the best thing for us. It has also helped with night time feedings and getting her to go to sleep at night. Chloe loves to cuddle and it helps get her to go to sleep. What I do is on my bed she sleeps on the right side and I get her a baby blanket to lay on. I make sure the cover is no where near her face. I am not sure when I will stop co-sleeping with her I was going to at 6 months of age but I am really attach to her sleeping next to me. I do really want to do it before she is a year old, I know this will be tough on both of us when I finally move her to her crib. I try putting her in the crib but she hates it, she is getting used to it slowly.

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  1. Stopping Co-Sleeping is very hard :( Sometimes I regret doing it with my son, because even now he still ends up coming to our bed. He goes to sleep in his own bed, but by morning he is back in ours. I highly recommend sticking to a plan when you start, I didn't and that is what is making it difficult. When she wakes up crying, calm her down, get her almost back to sleep, and straight back in her crib. It will be difficult but you can do it! Good Luck mama!