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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pretty Little Liars: Season 4 Episode 4 Recap

Hey PLL Fans!
What did you think of this episode? I think it was InsAne!!! Let's recap....

Warning: Do not read this if you haven't watched this episode yet. Contains spoilers....

This episode is called "Face Time"

* Emily Dad is home!!!!
* Aria and Hanna think Melissa is A. What do you think?
* A new detective is in town. Her name is Lt. Tanner.
* "What is it about those 4 pretty little girls that attract so many corpses"-Tanner
* Spencer had a emotional talk with her mom. Spencer told her that she didn't get into UPenn
* The doctor tells Emily that she might not be able to swim again. Uh Oh!!
* Hanna was talking to Officer Tanner about her Mom connection and Wilden
* Aria ran into Ezra son and he ask why she doesn't come over anymore
* Jake doesn't think Aria is over Ezra
* Toby talks to Dr. Palmer about Toby mom
* "The air got to heavy for her"- Dr. Palmer
* "Will you tell her to stay away from that girl"-Dr. Palmer "What girl?"-Toby  "The Blonde One"-Dr. Palmer
* Melissa found the mask that was planted by Spencer. Spencer and Aria follow her back to Hector place.
* Emily parents are very angry at Emily for lying to them and Emily runs out the house
* Both detectives show up at Hanna house asking to speak to their mom. Caleb covers for Hanna's mom.
* Aria goes by into Hector place and sees more Alison masks. Spencer followed her sister out by the lake.
* Melissa was throwing her masks into the lake when Spencer caught her!!!!
* Aria confronted Hector about keeping those masks of Alison
* Flashback: Alison wants the rest of her money from Hector. Hector doesn't have it and Alison gets mad and He sees her drive off with someone in a car.
* "We are not going anywhere till I get answers"-Spencer
* Melissa was wearing the same costume at the Halloween party as Wilden
* Wilden tried to kill Spencer.
* Wilden burnt down the cabin
* Melissa thinks Alison is still alive and hiding out somewhere
* "I been protecting you before it even started"-Spencer
* Spencer thinks Melissa killed Wilden!!!!
* Police showed up at Emily house
* A Text: "Melissa is guilty of plenty but she is not A material"

This episode was insAne!!! Comment if you agree. So since cops keep dying off we see two new detectives show up in Rosewood to investigate a murder. They are keeping a eye on the girls since they have a connection and it's crazy!!! The girls better come up with something better or their secrets are going to come out quickly. I really still think Hanna mom is guilty of something even if she didn't kill Wilden she is still hiding something important. So what shocked me the most is when Toby was talking to Dr. Palmer and he was talking about Alison!!! Plus the Spencer and Melissa show down!!! More of our questions were revealed... Like Wilden burnt down the cabin and he was the one trying to kill Spencer on the A train. Where was Mona at though? We haven't been seeing her lately....

Want to know what's going to happen next? Then watch this preview!!

CES <3

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