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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pretty Little Liars: Season 4 Episode 6 Recap

Hey everyone!
Today I am doing a PLL Recap on this episode called "Under the Gun"

Warning: Do not read this if you haven't watch this episode!!!

* Police questioned Hanna about why she had the gun
* Shana switched school and now attends Rosewood. She also took Emily spot on the swimming team.
* Hanna tells her Dad that she is protecting her Mom
* Hanna also explains where she found the gun at. Her mom denies it.
* Aria tutors Connor who is Mike friend
* A is setting Hanna mom up
* Mona told the girls that Toby took the RV and that Spencer didn't tell them the truth
* Spencer told Emily that she was sorry for the other night and that she didn't tell them the truth
* Caleb came to help out Hanna but her parents shut him out
* Toby is running out of leads. Knows A is his only chance to find out what happen to his Mom.
* "We don't know what A can or can not do"- Hanna
* Emily wants to turn in the footage of Hanna Mom running Wilden over so that they can see Shana, Jenna and Melissa helping Wilden.
* Hanna is on lock down at her house
* Connor kisses Aria!!
* Spencer tells Emily about Mrs.Grunwald
* Mike thinks Aria hooked up with Connor
* Connor tells Aria that they know she hooked up with Ezra
* Aria tells Ezra to stay away from her
* Spencer and Toby arrive in Ravenswood!!!
* Ravenswood is very creepy and quiet
* "You got the fast track on A while the rest of us got nothing"- Emily to Mona
* Spencer found Grunwald in a salon in Ravenswood
* "I am not who you think I am"- Grunwald
* Mike says sorry to Aria
* Spencer sees Shana in Ravenswood!!!
* Officer Tanner talks to Emily about the video
* There is a video of someone with a mask of Emily and a sign that says Guilty
* Connor car got trashed and beaten. I think Ezra did it.
* Hanna Mom got arrested for the Murder of Wilden!!!!

This is my recap on this episode called "Under the Gun"

Want to know what's going to happen next? Then watch this video!

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