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Saturday, July 27, 2013

July Parenting News + My Thoughts

Hey everyone so today I am introducing another new series that will happen monthly on my blog. Every month I will talk about Parenting News that is happening in our world. I will also be sharing my thoughts on each news that I will discuss with you.

Disclaimer: The parenting news that I will discuss I got it from Everyday Family and Parents.com

1. Spray Sunscreen could be Flammable, FDA Warns

Families are getting more serious about putting on sunscreen in this hot weather but do you know if yours could be flammable? FDA urges families to pay closer attention to the sunscreen you buy and always read the labels. 

Also doctors recommend not to put sunscreen on babies till they are 6 months of age till then try to keep them under shade or with a hat to cover up their face from the sun. You can even buy your baby cute sunglasses!

I am not really a fan of the spray sunscreens I always use the lotion kind. My friend had the spray kind and you can really smell the alcohol in it. Always read the labels!!!

2. Exercise during Pregnancy could reduce C-Section

Exercise is always a good thing during pregnancy because it helps with labor or from what I been told! Yoga and Pilates is what most pregnant women do during the second and third trimester. Doctor says it is best to wait till second trimester to start exercise because the first trimester is always the hardest plus the miscarriage rate goes down after first trimester.

Testing groups were done and found out that pregnant women who did exercise regularly had a lower risk of a c-section.

When I was pregnant I did Yoga and Pilates during second and third trimester. I took classes at my college twice a week with limited stuff I could do. I had a c-section with Chloe because she was breech. Maybe if I did more exercises Chloe would have turned around and came out vaginally.

3. Royal Baby is Born

So the buzz this month had our eyes on Kate Middleton who just gave birth to a baby boy!

The baby boy name is George Alexander Louis.

Through out Kate pregnancy she had a disorder where she had severe nausea and was admitted to the hospital several times because of it.

4. Breastfeeding Mom's free dinner goes Viral

So if you don't know the story, a waitress in Des Moines, Iowa paid for a breastfeeding mothers pizza dinner and gave her a note thanking her for breastfeeding in public. This has gone viral over many social media sites.

Reactions ranged from cheers and support to discouragement.

5. New British study say moderate drinking is okay during pregnancy

They found from studies that pregnant women who had moderate drinking alcohol during pregnancy found babies with no mental or physical deformities. 

They say it's okay but then they say do with caution?!?!

I will never drink alcohol while pregnant! That is just crazy and I really wanted to share this one with ya'll. It's ridiculous...

This is all the news I have for this month. Hope you found some of these interesting!

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  1. I have heard that in your third trimester, once glass of red wine twice a week is safe. I was actually told by my doctor with my first pregnancy. I never did it, because it sounds ludicrous. I really wish doctors would get on the same page about what is right or what is wrong. I will definitely be keeping up with this series! :)