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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pretty Little Liars: Season 4 Episode 5 Recap

Hey PLL Fans!
I have a recap for ya'll today on the new episode of Pretty Little Liars. I hope you enjoy this show as much as I do. Let's begin.....

Warning: If you haven't seen this episode please do not read this! This blog post contains spoilers about this episode.

This episode is called "Gamma Zeta Die"

* Hanna had a dream where her mom was dressed in a orange jumpsuit and she was bald. What's up with Hanna having dreams about being bald?
* Melissa moved to London for her internship
* "Mom I am not a sofa, okay?"- Spencer
* "There's nothing average about you"- Emily Dad
* The girls find out the number from Tippy the bird is linked to a college
* Aria mom doesn't want to go on the trip out of the country because of Mike
* Aria mom was attacked by bees in the car!!!! A is now targeting the parents!!!
* Hanna mom talks to Spencer mom about Wilden
* "Nothing surprises me anymore"- Spencer Mom
* Aria argues with Mike about their mom going on the trip
* Spencer and Emily go to check out the college
* Hanna sneaks into her mom closet and finds a gun wrap up in a cloth!! What did you think Hanna should do with it?
* Aria dad talks to Aria mom about her going on the trip. He tells her to go.
* "No I am here for me"- Emily
* Emily flirts with a college advisor so she can get into a college
* Emily and Spencer started arguing. Spencer pulled the gay card while Emily pulled the Mommy and Daddy card. Emily told Spencer that Spencer had mommy and daddy to give her a bunch of cash and to save her.
* Hanna takes the gun and puts it into a bag and meets up with the girls at the college party
* The girls attend a party to see if anyone knows Alison
* Emily only attends the party to get a scholarship
* Spencer finds a hidden room at the Zeta house and there's a phone with the exact number that Tippy was singing.
* "It ain't Tippy the Bird"- Spencer
* "He is a she and she is amazing"- Emily
* Hanna tries to bury the gun but instead gets caught by the cops with the gun!!!!

So this is the recap on this episode called "Gamma Zeta Die". So is it crazy that A is now targeting the parents? No one is safe in Rosewood, Melissa better be glad she got out of town when she did. We did see that there was a gun in Hanna mom closet but is it the gun that was missing from her dad? I didn't think it was smart for Hanna to take that gun, she should have left it there instead of taking it with her. You got to remember that A sees everything! I wonder how much trouble Hanna is in now that she got arrested by the cops. Free Hanna!!!! So we got to see a Spencer and Emily show down, what did you think of that?

Next week we will finally get to see the town of Ravenswood! Toby and Spencer travel there to see Mrs. Grunwald who was the former house mother at the college Zeta house.

Want to see a preview of next week episode in Ravenswood? Then watch this video!

Next week episode is called "Under the Gun" Enjoy!

CES <3

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