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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pretty Little Liars: Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

Hey PLL Fans! It's time for this recap on Season 4 Episode 7 called "Crash and Burn, Girl." What did you think about this episode?

Warning: Do not read this if you haven't watch this episode yet. Contains spoilers!!!!

* Emily is taking Physical Therapy on her shoulder
* "Only way we are getting Hanna through this is if we are together"- Emily?
* Caleb and Toby are working together to figure out who flied the plane that night the cabin burned down
* Emily mom suggested a new therapy to help with Emily shoulder
* Aria questioned Mike about Connor car. She asked if he did it.
* Hanna visits her mom in jail and tells her not to give up
* Toby and Caleb went to a flight center to track down a flight plan
* The principal talked to Aria about Mike behavior and that the police think he trashed Connor car. Principal asked about Mike and his medicine he should be taking.
* Emily took a key from the police station. It's Wilden apartment key!!
* Spencer thinks Hanna mom doesn't have a chance to get out of jail
* Emily wants the girls to break into Wilden apartment
* The girls break into the apartment and are looking for clues to link Jenna and Shana to Wilden
* Nigel Wright is on the lighter that Toby got. It's not a compass it's a name!!! Another clue: We last saw him in Episode 1 walking with Jenna!
* The girls didn't find much in the apartment except for old meat and a note from A
* Ezra came to check on Aria and told her that he doesn't think Mike trashed the car
* Toby and Caleb went back to the flight center to talk to Nigel. Found out he faked a flight plan and said it was for CeeCee Drake!!
* Ezra talked to the principal about Mike saying they have no proof he did it and they need to let it go.
* They think CeeCee is in NY
* Toby wants to find CeeCee and see if she is the blonde girl that Dr. Palmer was talking about
* Ezra saved Mike from getting expelled
* Emily mom got suspended from work because Wilden apartment key was missing
* A threatened Emily
* Aria went to Ezra apartment to thank him for what he did
* Hanna wants her Mom to plead gulity and say it was self defense
* A car crashes through Emily house almost hitting her mom

What did you think of this episode? If you remember from the very first episode we saw a guy with Jenna and that was Nigel!! At the end of the episode we see Nigel talking to someone and there are sunglasses on the table. I think he was talking to Jenna!! What do you think? It's crazy if we pay attention we can pick up on things that are there for clues for us.

Want to see what will happen next? Watch this preview and find out!

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