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Friday, July 19, 2013

Drugstore/Dollar Tree Haul

Hey everyone! Hope you have a amazing Friday!
Today I am doing a Drugstore/Dollar Tree haul that I bought a couple of days ago.

This is from the Dollar Tree and only paid $1.00 for each item. I bought Lander Essentials Bubble Bath in Rose Petal and Women daily vitamins.

I got these for .50 cents each. I needed to mail off two thank you cards so I picked these two up.

I also got these at the Dollar Tree as well. I needed some new hair clips because I can't find my other ones. I also picked up this Soft Lips Pear Gloss, it's a sheer lip protectant.

I got this at my Drugstore for I think almost $13.00. This is The Mortal Instruments City of Bones book #1. I picked this up because the movie comes out next month and it looks really good so I wanted to give this book a try and see if I will like it.

I also got this at my Drugstore. I needed a Planner for this year so I can stay organized with Chloe appointments, her physical therapy, and my college classes. This was the only one they had left that liked. I am really picky when it comes to finding a planner.

*This is my haul for ya'll. I am not bragging just showing ya'll what I get. Next post is going to be a Mommy and Baby outfit of the day*

CES <3

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