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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What Did I Get For Christmas? 2014

Hey Everyone! I hope ya'll had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. I wanted to show ya'll what I got this year for Christmas. I am not bragging in any way I just wanted to share with you what I got. I didn't really ask for anything this year but I appreciate everything that I got.

What I got from My Mom:

My mom gave me this purse she bought it on Amazon.

My mom gave me this Owl Scarf I think she said she got it at the dollar general store. I love it!

My mom gave me a 2015 planner since I just got a job! Which I will do a separate blog post on that very soon. That way I can keep track of doctor appointments and my work schedule.

What I got from my Cousin Sarah:

 She gave me some leggings and they are very comfortable!

What I got from my Grandma:

My grandma gave me this poinsettia plant.

 I got some lotion and some bubble bath.

Avon Eyeshadow single.

A Avon Lip Liner. 

A Moisture Therapy for the lips.

My Grandma gave me a ring from Windsor.

What I got from my Brother:

My Brother gave me a Amazon Gift Card for $25. I got 5 books which are Divergent Book #2, Vampire Academy Book #3, Maze Runner Book #2 & #3 and The Fault in Our Stars.

What I got from Josh:

CES <3

Monday, December 29, 2014

What's in Chloe's Christmas Stocking? (21 Months Old) 2014

Hey Everyone hope ya'll have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. Here is what Chloe got in her Christmas stocking this year....

This is what Chloe stocking looks like. I got it at Walmart.

Chloe got a stuff animal and a Minnie apple juice.

A big bubble wand. Chloe loves bubbles!

Bubble Guppies Bubble wand.

Two Magic Towels. Mickey and Doc Mcstuffins.

Bubble Guppies Book The Right Color.

CES <3

Saturday, December 27, 2014

What Chloe Got For Christmas (21 Months Old) 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hey ya'll I wanted to show you what Chloe got for Christmas this year. I am not bragging I appreciate the things we get I just wanted to show you what Chloe has been interested in and what we got her for Christmas. She is almost 2 years old! Also I am doing a blog post on what Chloe got in her Christmas stocking as well.

What My Mom Got Her:

Minnie with a blanket.

A puzzle.

Some coloring books. Chloe loves to draw and color.

A singing Minnie.

Minnie Chair.

Minnie Pony Stable.

Minnie Tea Cup Set.

What Chloe got from her Uncle Larry:

What Chloe got from her Cousin Ashley (My Cousin):

Hello Kitty with a Blanket.

What Chloe got from her Great Grandma (My Grandma):

CES <3

Job Update: I Got A Job! 2014

Hey Everyone so I finally got a job as a cashier at Sears. I had a Job Interview on Monday December 22 and after the interview was over the manager offered me the position as a cashier. I been doing mostly paper work lately but I finally finished it. I should be starting work within the next week.

I am excited that I finally have a job so I can start supporting my daughter.....

It's going to take some time getting used to having a job again because I am so used to being a stay at home mom and now I will be a working mom. It's just a thing of finding time to spend with Chloe and making sure she doesn't get upset.

I am not sure how blog posting will be till I figure out what my work schedule will be and finding what works best for me with a blog schedule.

I will update ya'll when I can! I just wanted to share with ya'll my news.

CES <3

Friday, December 26, 2014

Mommy and Toddler Outfit Of The Day: Christmas Eve! (12/24/2014)

Merry Christmas Everyone! I wanted to show you what me and Chloe wore for Christmas Eve.... We usually go over to my grandma's to open presents and be with family on Christmas Eve. Here is what we wore.....

Mommy's Christmas Eve Outfit:

Top: Rue21
Leggings: Motherhood Maternity
Flats: Faded Glory
Scarf: Dollar Store
Jacket: Delias

I curled my hair and put a bow in it. The bow was made by my brother girlfriend. I am wearing silver eye shadow and a red lip stain.

Chloe Christmas Eve Outfit:

Dress: Burlington Coat Factory
Tights: Sears 
Shoes: Burlington Coat Factory

CES <3

Monday, December 22, 2014

Book Update: Currently Reading, Recent Books I Read & My Current Book Wish List

Hey Everyone! Today I am doing a Book Update because I haven't did any book reviews in a while so I decided to share with ya'll what I am currently reading, what books I have read recently and my current book wish list.

What I am Currently Reading: The Host by Stephenie Meyer

Recent Books I Read:

* Mortal Instruments Book #2
* House Of Night Book #2
* Divergent
* Gossip Girl Book #1
* Perks of being a Wallflower

My Current Book Wish List:

1. Vampire Academy Book #3
2. Maze Runner Book #2
3. Divergent Book #2
4. Pretty Little Liars Book #7
5. Mortal Instruments Book #3
6. Gossip Girl Book #2
7. House of Night Book #3
8. Devil Wears Prada

CES <3

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pretty Little Liars Christmas Special Episode Recap "How The A Stole Christmas"

Hey PLL Fans, Are you excited that we got to see not only a Pretty Little Liars episode but a Christmas Special? Christmas is my favorite holiday so I was really excited about this! Today I am going to recap this episode and give my thoughts......

Spencer is out on bail for Christmas and the girls want to get proof that Spencer is innocent. Emily wants to make a wish for Spencer but Spencer is not hopeful. Hanna got drawings of Alison house from Mona of Alison hiding places and Mona also gave Hanna a note. The liars are not wanting to go to the Ice Ball that Alison is having but decided that they need to make a appearance. Alison gets a visit from a very dead Mona. Mona shows Alison the past and the future.... Past: Alison as a child is playing the piano when she discovers two Christmas presents. Alison mom wants her to lie to her dad by saying she only found one present. This is when the lying begins.... Caleb and Hanna are dressed as elves for a church event. Hanna has to deal with a mini me of Alison. "And in Rosewood, Bitches get buried"- Hanna. Hanna tells Caleb that Mean girls stay Mean.... The girls attend the Ice Ball which I love their dresses my favorite is Hanna dress. Lucas is playing Santa but also Officer Holbrook is playing Santa as well. We see that Emily and Paige are back together! How do you feel about that? I think everyone has mix views about it. We See Alison kissing Santa Claus! The Santa she is kissing is Officer Holbrook!!! Spencer and Hanna decided to break into Alison house with Toby keeping look out on them. I feel sorry for Toby he really wanted to help the girls. Guess what??? CeCe Drake visits Alison!!! Sydney and Jenna tell Emily that they are not the enemy and that they also believe that Alison killed Mona. Hanna finds a passport that has Alison picture on it with a name called Holly Varjak. Alison plans to leave soon.... Alison is talking to someone through personal ads in the newspaper again. The girls try to follow Alison and CeCe but they got fooled by two girls dressed exactly like them. Spencer finds out that they are not alone in the house because A is there with a knife! Hanna found out that Alison did know Bethany. Hanna ran into A and got hit in the head. In Alison house the girls find creepy masks with a person in a creepy mask hiding and looking at them. Alison is scared of a dead Mona. Sorry Alison but if you killed Mona karma will get you! Mona shows Alison her future which is Alison in a coffin.... Caleb, Toby, Ezra and Paige surprise the girls in their Christmas boxers!!! Paige finally tells Emily that her parents want her to move to California because Rosewood isn't safe. Everyone is together on Christmas and they have a dinner together. All of them head outside when they hear a noise like Santa when they see a tree decorated. Christmas lights light up and it says......

"Merry Christmas, Bitches!"- A

Shocking Moment: Alison kissing Officer Holbrook!

Favorite Moment: Spencer showing Toby her Christmas outfit. Caleb, Ezra and Toby in their Christmas boxers!

Favorite Couple: Hanna and Caleb/ Spencer and Toby

Favorite Quotes:

"Hope is a dirty four letter word"- Spencer 
"And in Rosewood, Bitches get buried"- Hanna
"Mean Girls Stay Mean"- Hanna

Pictures are from ABC Family Pretty Little Liars Facebook Page.....

CES <3