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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What Did I Get For Christmas? 2014

Hey Everyone! I hope ya'll had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. I wanted to show ya'll what I got this year for Christmas. I am not bragging in any way I just wanted to share with you what I got. I didn't really ask for anything this year but I appreciate everything that I got.

What I got from My Mom:

My mom gave me this purse she bought it on Amazon.

My mom gave me this Owl Scarf I think she said she got it at the dollar general store. I love it!

My mom gave me a 2015 planner since I just got a job! Which I will do a separate blog post on that very soon. That way I can keep track of doctor appointments and my work schedule.

What I got from my Cousin Sarah:

 She gave me some leggings and they are very comfortable!

What I got from my Grandma:

My grandma gave me this poinsettia plant.

 I got some lotion and some bubble bath.

Avon Eyeshadow single.

A Avon Lip Liner. 

A Moisture Therapy for the lips.

My Grandma gave me a ring from Windsor.

What I got from my Brother:

My Brother gave me a Amazon Gift Card for $25. I got 5 books which are Divergent Book #2, Vampire Academy Book #3, Maze Runner Book #2 & #3 and The Fault in Our Stars.

What I got from Josh:

CES <3

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