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Friday, December 12, 2014

My Week In Pictures: December 1-7 2014

Hey everyone Happy December! Here is my week in pictures for the first week of December.... Happy Holidays Everyone!

Monday December 1:
Chloe loves eating pancakes with syrup.

Chloe loves to dress her self.

Watching Christmas Family Vacation.

Tuesday December 2:

The Little Couple is back on and I love this show!

Chloe wearing my Dad shoes lol 

Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce!

Wednesday December 3:
It was a bit cold today so Chloe got to wear a Christmas sweater and her Minnie beanie.

Finishing up reading Perks of being a Wallflower..... It is not what I normally read but very interesting.

Watched Men in Black 3. This is my favorite one out of the series.

I started reading The Host by the author who wrote Twilight. It's pretty good so far.

Thursday December 4:

Me and Chloe watched The Polar Express.

Watched my favorite show Reign!!

Friday December 5: I didn't take pictures today because it was stressful day with Chloe. She been teething lately and haven't been in a good mood.

Saturday December 6:
Me and Chloe watched Minnie's Winter Bow Show.

It looks like fall with all the leaves on the ground. Chloe loves playing outside!

Watched How The Grinch Stole Christmas!

Sunday December 7:  Again I didn't take pictures for Sunday because it was just a really bad day. First Chloe broke my camera and I was really upset. I don't have anything else to take photos with. Plus Chloe had a melt down at two stores and my parents were arguing all day so it was just a stressful and emotional day for me. But my dad was able to actually dry out the camera because she threw it in the cats water and so now it works thankfully. It just been a really stressful week.

CES <3

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