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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Job Update: I Got A Job! 2014

Hey Everyone so I finally got a job as a cashier at Sears. I had a Job Interview on Monday December 22 and after the interview was over the manager offered me the position as a cashier. I been doing mostly paper work lately but I finally finished it. I should be starting work within the next week.

I am excited that I finally have a job so I can start supporting my daughter.....

It's going to take some time getting used to having a job again because I am so used to being a stay at home mom and now I will be a working mom. It's just a thing of finding time to spend with Chloe and making sure she doesn't get upset.

I am not sure how blog posting will be till I figure out what my work schedule will be and finding what works best for me with a blog schedule.

I will update ya'll when I can! I just wanted to share with ya'll my news.

CES <3

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