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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Outfit Of The Day: July 31, 2012

Hey I got a Outfit of the Day for Ya'll. It's just really simple today because I just have some errands to do today.

Tank Top: Vanity

Yoga Capri Pants:Walmart

Flip Flops: O.P

*Just Simple and Comfortable for today of running around doing errands*

Monday, July 30, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: Recap on "Crazy"

Hey PLL Fans! Last week Episode was Insane and it lived up to its Title name. So this Episode Hanna is being Framed and Aria wants to help save Hanna.
Hanna is at her House when Wilden shows up saying he needs Blood Work from Hanna. So is Hanna being Framed of Killing Alison? Hanna is scared and the girls are looking for answers. While at School Toby needs Spencer to give him some answers about why she lied to him. Spencer can't tell Toby about A. I think Toby is gonna try to get answers on his own. Anyways Alison Dad is back and Town and Hanna wants to say sorry for what she did. When she sees him, he is not so happy with her. Nate comes sees Emily at Work and tells her that He is going on a date with Jenna!! Emily is not so happy with this. When the girls are together they hear someone that sounds like Alison and her name is Cece. She used to date Jason and was Alison Mentor. Cece is not a girl to mess with because she really can mess someone up. Emily talks with her more when they go to her Shop with Nate. Cece knows Emily was in love with Alison and knows Emily wants Nate. Nate came out and told Emily that he liked her and would date her if she was into guys!! Do you think Emily and Nate should date?? I think Emily should give him a chance. 
So Aria decides that she will go visit Mona to see if Mona will give her some answers. All Mona says is that she is sorry for Hanna. While Spencer is going home a car passes her fast and she realizes its Jason. She meets up with him when he ran into another car by the police station. Spencer jumps out to make sure he is okay and realizes he is drunk and so she gets in the car and drives him home. Back at Radley,  Aria walks out with No answers when Hanna shows up and decides to go after hours to visit Mona. Hanna and Aria show up to talk to Mona when Mona asks Hanna if she ever told the Girls what happen that night. Hanna and Mona were Playing with the Ouija Board asking if Alison is still alive when Hanna sees Alison out the door staring at her. Hanna tells her Parents that Hanna saw Alison alive but then in 3 days they find her body dead. Alison Dad won't forgive her for that. While Hanna telling the story to Aria, Mona slips out of her room. Hanna and Aria search every where trying to find her when they see she went into the Children's Ward. They see her Playing with Dolls and Mona is chanting rhymes to the Girls. Soon Hanna and Aria leave and a Nurse find Mona. Back at the Girls house they realize Mona was giving them a Website. They Look it up and it is Maya's Website!!!! But they need a Password.... 

Alison Flashback:
So it's not really a Flashback of Alison but we do see Alison! Hanna and Mona were playing with a Ouija Board asking if Alison was still alive when they got a answer. Hanna look out the door and she sees Alison staring at her!

Favorite Quote: "Whats up with your Mom?"-Hanna "She's a Slut. Lets just go to Sleep"-Aria

Favorite Hottie:
He is so Hot!!!

A Shocking Moment:  When Mona escapes her room and ends up playing with dolls in the children's ward.

Couples Update:

Hanna and Caleb: Still Broken Up....
Spencer and Toby: Toby wants answers on why Spencer lied to him
Aria and Ezra: Aria still wondering where he got that money at
Emily and ?: Emily and Paige seem not to be getting closer now but Nate told Emily that he likes her!

*Hope ya'll enjoyed this Episode. Was it Crazy for ya'll?*

CES <3

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Current Summer Favorites 2012

Hey So I been wanting to get this up for weeks now and I can finally do this Today! I haven't did a Monthly favorites for June or July so I thought I would just combine them and do Summer Favorites.

Summer Beauty Favorites:

1. Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Candy Coral
I love this blush color it's perfect for my skin tone. These Bouncy Blushes are amazing for the summer. This Shade gives me a nice glow because I am usually really pale.

2. Maybelline One By One Volume Waterproof Mascara
This is perfect for the Summer time when Your running around all day plus it's waterproof.

3. Revlon Lip Butters
These give you a nice tint of color plus help moisturize your lips in the summer time. I have Strawberry Shortcake, Sweet Tart, and Berry Smoothie.

4. Bath and Body Works Lotion in Cherry Blossom
Love this smell for summer!

Non-Beauty Favorites:

1. Favorite Book- Hunger Games
I love this Trilogy! I am on the Second Book now.

2. Favorite Movie- Magic Mike
Oh Yea!! I <3 This Movie.

3. Favorite TV Show- Pretty Little Liars
I freaking Love this Show! 

4. Favorite Song- What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction

*These are my Current Favorites Right Now*

CES <3

Monday, July 23, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: Recap on "The Remains of A"

This Episode is called "the remains of A" and this was last weeks episode. So who is excited about tomorrows new episode called "Crazy"? It's suppose to be really amazing. Anyways lets discuss what happened in last weeks episode.
So the girls are still on the hunt to find out who Amber Rose is. Spencer and Hanna decided to go on their own quests to find answers. Spencer decided to get help from Jason, thinking that he could know who exactly is Amber Rose. Spencer is running out of ideas so she is thinking that Jason could help her find the answers she is needing. Hanna on the other hand is writing a note to A and telling A to meet her at the Church. Hanna takes the Note to show Emily. Emily doesn't think it's a good idea but Hanna knows that A ruin her relationship with Caleb so she wants revenge. Is Hanna doing the right thing? Anyways Hanna has been hanging out more at the Church because of her Mom. Emily has been working non-stop at The Brew. Hanna asks Emily though for her to come with Hanna to the Church because Hanna finds out there is a party going on at the Church tonight and needs her there. Talking to her Mom, Hanna tells her that Toby is going as her date to the Church Party!! So Hanna has to get Spencer to get Toby to come along with her to the party.
Aria is hanging out in Ezra apartment while he is showering and she looks like she lost something so she goes through his drawers and she find Tons of Cash!!! Why would Ezra have that much money laying around his apartment? Well Aria confronts him but Ezra lies about it. I don't think I believe Ezra. What are you up to Ezra??? 
Emily starts to remember more about that night and remembers a guy with a tattoo on his wrist and at the Church Party we find out that it belongs to Holden! So is he working with A? Holden also told us that he and Maya went to Parties. What Kind? Were they more than friends??
So Spencer finally found out from Jason that Amber Rose is a Antique Shop. They both decided to go there and look around to see what they can find out. While looking around they see a bracelet that had belong to Alison! Jason buys it from the Old Guy and they decided to bring it to the police to see if there are any blood found on it.
So back at the Church, Hanna and Toby are walking around when Toby is thinking that Hanna has taken him with her for a different reason. Toby knows that Hanna and Spencer lied to him and he wants to know why. Well I understand that I mean Spencer should be a little honest with him without spilling the secret about A. Who Agrees? Anyways Hanna decides to go hide and wait for A but A doesn't show up. She then hears somebody's footsteps and wonders who is coming. When she got up she realizes it's officer Wilden! He got the Note instead of A and he is not so happy with Hanna. Wilden knows that Hanna is hiding something. He has put Hanna on the Top of his list as a suspect to Alison Murder but Why.

Alison Flashback:
So in this episode we finally get a Alison Flashback! So excited!! Anyways Spencer and Alison are hanging out in Alison room. Spencer wanted to watch a Movie with Alison but Ali had other plans. Ali was all dressed up and had on a nice Bracelet around her ankle that Spencer liked. Ali told Spencer she was going out and Spencer got a little mad with Alison.

Favorite Quote: "Hanna, I've had more exciting naps than this party, and so have you"-Toby

Favorite Hottie:
I just Love Jason <3

A Shocking Moment: When we found out that Garret did not kill Alison! Spencer was crying....

Couples Update: 

Hanna and Caleb: still broken up....
Spencer and Toby: Well Toby knows that Spencer lied to him and he wants answers
Aria and Ezra: Aria found tons of cash and wonders if Ezra is telling the truth
Emily and Paige: Do you think Emily wants Paige or maybe Nate?

*Well I hope ya'll had enjoyed this Recap. Look out for a New Pretty Little Liars it's suppose to be so good I can't wait.*

CES <3

Friday, July 20, 2012

Health Update June/July 2012

Hey Everyone!

I haven't did a Update on my health lately so today I am gonna just talk about how I been lately and stuff. Starting off in June I spent the whole month in Hawaii visiting my boyfriend because he is in the Marines. The weather there was pretty nice but the last 2 wees I was there I got sick. I am thinking it was mostly allergies because when it was raining there it would rain for a couple of seconds then stop. I was coughing, sore throat and sneezing so I am pretty sure it was my allergies bothering me.

In this month the beginning of this month was horrible because my allergies were bothering me so bad that I would wake up in the middle of the night and I had hard trouble breathing. Then I missed my period and it was a week late so I decided to take a pregnancy test and I found out I'm Pregnant!!! Everything is going good so far with that. I just been getting my hormone level checked and it has been increasing like it should so I am excited for that. So now I can't take anymore of my Bladder Medicine so I am hoping I won't be in too much pain all the time. Now what I have to do is go shopping for new clothes because some of my jeans don't fit me anymore. Kinda sad about that. Anyways I been trying to eat healthy, drink a lot of water, rest and take my prenatal vitamins. I have to take gummy vitamins because I can't swallow pills because of my horrible allergies.

So just a quick and small update of my health for June and July.

CES <3

Thursday, July 19, 2012

What Face Cleansing Products Do I Use?

So What Face Cleansing Products do I use? Well I thought I would share those Products with ya'll today....

Starting at the Left I have the Noxzema Triple Clean Cleanser and I use this as my heavy duty cleansing products for those days when my face has more acne on it. It works very well. Next is the Clean and Clear Morning Burst, I use this in the mornings because I am not a morning person and this helps wake me up. Last is the Freeman Peel-Off Mask in Cucumber. I use this product when I just want something refreshing on my face.

I use this Product when I am having my lazy days and I just don't feel like using those products above. This works just as good for me.

At the Left is the ELF Zit Zapper and the Garnier Anti-Puff Roller for Under-eyes.

Last is these Face Cleansing packages. The two on the left are from Claire's and the right ones are samples from Biore.

*These Products are the ones that I use to clean my face on a daily basis.*

CES <3

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What Book am I currently Reading and What Books I am Buying Next!

Hey! I thought I would switch it up a little today since lately I been doing Pretty Little Liars Blog Posts. So today I wanna share what book I am currently reading and what books I plan to buy next.

Currently Reading: Lost Voices by Sarah Porter
I am not that far into the book yet I think I am only on Chapter 6 or 7 right now. I wanted to give this book a try because I love reading about mermaids.

What Books I am Buying Next:

*House of Night Series book 2
I read the first book already and I loved it. I really wanna know what is going to happen next!

*Hunger Games Trilogy Book 3
I am currently gonna start reading the 2nd book after I finish the Lost Voices.

*Pretty Little Liars Series book 6
This is the next book that I need to read in the Series.

CES <3

Monday, July 16, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: Recap on "That Girl is Poison"

Hey! So last Week was a crazy episode because everyone now knows that Jenna can see. Bitch Can See!!!
So Emily and Spencer got a surprise at School when they see Jenna without her Glasses! Jenna didn't want their protection anymore and now we are wondering why. Jenna walked up to them and gave them a invitation to her birthday party at The Brew. Hanna didn't show up at School because she is still depressed about Caleb breaking up with her. Hanna Mom suggest that Hanna help out at the church and Hanna wasn't going to go but Hanna Mom found out that Hanna had skipped School so Hanna now has to go to the Church Event. While everything is going on Emily and Paige seem to be talking more and Paige ask Emily out on a date but it's the same night of Jenna Party and Emily has to work that night.
Aria and Ezra were out at Lunch when Aria decided to buy him Lunch. Ezra got upset because he doesn't want Aria buying things for him. Aria has no idea why Ezra was acting like that. Later Ezra told Aria that he got a Invitation also to go to Jenna Party, Aria was shocked but she decided that she wanted to go to the party which shocked Ezra too. Plus Aria seen Lucas getting locked out of a Art Studio and hope that she could find out more about why Lucas needed to get into there. While the Girls were about the Party, Spencer was at the Hospital because Garrett got temporary bail because his Mom is in the hospital. Spencer was thinking something is up so she followed him around.
Jenna seemed happy at her party but nothing is ever quite without a little drama with it. Emily was working at her Party but Paige decided to show up to support Emily. Nate soon showed up and Paige looked like she was getting jealous. Do you think Emily should date Paige? Or should she give Nate a chance? Hanna was at the Church helping sort clothes when she ran into Emily Jacket that she was wearing at Allison grave. Hanna paid for the Jacket and called the Girls to see what is going on. Aria got a present from Ezra and it was a nice expensive vintage camera. Aria loved it but doesn't know how he paid for it. Ezra told her he got a Job, Do you believe Ezra or is he lying? Meanwhile Spencer is still in the hospital when she ran into officer Wilden!
Back at the Party, Paige was getting drunk from Emily flask that she had. Paige confronted Emily when Paige fainted and hit her head. Emily and Nate took Paige to the hospital when Spencer used the distraction to get into Garrett Mom room. Spencer found a Note with the name April Rose on it. Who is she? Anyways back at the party, Aria found out that Lucas was a assistant to the lady that was taking pictures at Jenna party. She needed a new one so Aria got the Job! Aria decided to destroy the lady camera's and went to go back to the Art Gallery to see if she can find Lucas things. When she got there she found his stuff with bunch of random photos and then Aria found drugs that had drugged Emily!!!! So did Lucas did it?? Aria told Emily and was shocked because Emily found out that flask that Paige was drinking out of was drugged. Now Emily feels terrible for Paige.

Favorite Quote: "Im going to listen to every sad song i've ever downloaded on repeat"-Hanna

Couple Update: Aria and Ezra: Still going strong but Aria is worried about Ezra spending money that he doesn't have. Hanna and Caleb: Still broken up.... Spencer and Toby: Cute as ever still and going strong. Emily and Paige: Not sure if I like Paige but they seem to be getting closer.

CES <3

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: Recap on "Kingdom of The Blind" and "Birds of a Feather" Part 2

Hey PLL Fans! This is Part 2 of catching up on Season 3 of Pretty Little Liars. Today I will Recap "Kingdom of the Blind" and "Birds of a Feather." Next Blog post will be a Recap on This Week Episode "That Girl is Poison."

"Kingdom Of The Blind" Episode 3:
With everything that is going on with the New A, Emily grades are falling behind. Ella is worried about Emily and talks to her about her English Grade. Emily can't concentrate because she keeps trying to remember pieces of what happen that night to her when she was drugged. Emily finally remembers a important piece that Jenna was driving the Car!!!! Emily tells the Girls and they set a trap to see if Jenna is hiding about being Blind. Aria remembers something of the past about Meredith. Aria and Alison were in Bryon Office and Alison found Meredith earrings and Aria got mad and trashed Byron Office and blamed it on Meredith. Aria found the earrings again from A in her Locker and used those to get Jenna to look at them. They Found out that Jenna can see!!!
Hanna has been spending more time with Mona and Caleb is not so Happy with Hanna. Tension is building between them. Anyways Hanna goes to visit Mona and sees Lucas visiting her!! When Hanna goes back Mona is acting different this time, Mona is smiling and talking to Hanna. Hanna wants answers but Mona doesn't really give her any answers. Everybody thinks Mona is faking but Mona does have some crazy personalities. Anyways later we see Caleb visiting Mona! Mona gets upset and almost attacks Caleb which causes Mona to have no more visitors. Hanna soon finds out and gets angry with Caleb for doing that. Caleb tells Hanna to promise him that she will stay away from Mona. We all know that Hanna can't stay away from Mona. The Girls are on a Hunt to find out who is the New A.

"Birds of a Feather" Episode 4:
With everything going on with Garrett, Spencer wants some answers from him so she starts to visit him at Jail. Garret tells her that someone is lying about their medical state, so is it Melissa or Jenna? We all know now that Jenna is not blind anymore. Anyways Jason shows up at restaurant and confronts Spencer Mom about defending Garrett. Jason is not so happy and he storms out, Spencer goes to make sure he is okay. Spencer and the Girls find out that Jason put up flyers with a $50,000 reward for Alison body. While this is going on Emily works at a new place called the Brew. Emily is working when she runs into Nate who is Maya's Cousin. He just moved here and will be taking classes in the fall. Nate showed up to give Emily something that Maya had given the Family before she died. Emily present was a Shirt of their first movie that they ever saw together. Meanwhile Spencer is on a Mission to find out why her Mom took the Job to defend Garrett and also if Melissa is hiding something. Aria is dreading telling her Mom that Bryon is back in the Dating scene so Aria and Hanna try to find Ella a date by a Online Dating Service. Soon Aria finally tells her Mom what is going on and Ella already knows.
A decides to mess with Hanna and Caleb relationship by getting Caleb Mom into a car accident! Caleb tells Hanna and Hanna is worried about Caleb. Caleb tells Hanna also that he is not to happy with Hanna lying to her but Hanna can't tell Caleb yet about the New A. Caleb had enough of Hanna lying to her and he tells her he is done. Hanna starts crying and ask if Caleb is breaking up with her. Such a sad scene to watch :( Anyways Caleb says Yes and walks away from Hanna. Hanna is left crying and heart broken. Poor Hanna, Should she tell Caleb something about the New A? Anyways we also find out this episode that Melissa is lying about when she had lost the Baby!!! So did Melissa even have a baby to begin with? Also Melissa is the Black Swan!! At the last, the Girls confront Jenna about hiding about being Blind. Jenna tells the girls she is worried that someone is out to get her and asks the girls to keep it a secret.

*So Will The Girls keep Jenna Secret or will Jenna break the Promise? Also with A mess with another Relationship next? Will Hanna and Caleb get back together? Next Blog post is this week Episode "That Girl is Poison."*

CES <3

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: Recap on "It Happen that Night" and "Blood is the New Black" Part 1

Hey PLL Fans! Sorry I am late putting these up but I though I would combine episodes so I can catch up with the Series. There are gonna be 3 or 4 parts where I am gonna put a couple of episodes together and recap about what happen in the show so far. First we are gonna start with the Summer Premiere Episode "It Happen that Night."

"It Happen That Night" Episode 1:
School started again for the Girls and it's their Senior Year of High School. So over the Summer we found out that Aria was taking Photography Classes, Hanna was taking Cooking Classes with Caleb, Spencer taking College Courses and Emily Building Houses in Haiti. The Night they are back together Emily gets so Drunk that She somehow ends up at Alison's Grave and the Girls have to go there and get Emily before the Cops show up. We also Find out that Hanna has been showing up at Radley to meet with Mona! Do you think that is a great idea? Well Caleb doesn't know that Hanna has been doing that. Wren is also there at Radley now and he has been talking to Hanna. Aria and Ezra are doing good even though Ezra doesn't have a Job yet. Emily is still trying to get over Maya while trying to get through Senior Year. Oh I forgot A is back and this time the Girls are in Major Danger. A is playing with Body Parts this Time.... Not Dolls like Mona.

"Blood Is The New Black" Episode 2:
Jenna is still faking that she can't see and soon the girls find out about what Jenna is really up to. What do You think is the reason for Jenna to hide that she can see? So Hanna is still seeing Mona and Hopefully to get some answers that she want. Hanna yet has told the Girls that she is visiting with Mona but this Episode she does. Wren and Hanna also have a talk and Wren tells Hanna that these meetings with Mona are helping Mona. Hanna only wishes she can see a Difference but Mona only doesn't talk she just sits there and stares. With Hanna having these meetings it drives Caleb into worry on why Hanna and Caleb haven't been spending much time together. Hanna doesn't think Caleb will understand these meetings with Mona.
We get a Shock when Hanna finally tells Caleb and He shows up with her at Radley!! Well at least he is trying to understand. Caleb meets Wren at Radley and He finds out Hanna has had multiple meetings with Mona. Caleb is not so happy about this and doesn't want Hanna visiting Mona. At the last meeting with Mona, Hanna loses her temper and throws a chair and tells Mona that she has ruined her life. We can't blame Hanna for getting upset. Throughout this Episode, Emily is trying to remember pieces from What Happen That Night. She remembers being in a back seat of a Car and Finally Emily remembers that Jenna was driving the Car!! Now the Girls are on a Hunt to see what They can find out about Jenna because they know she is hiding something from them.

*There are two or three more parts of this to come so look out for them!*

Love, CES <3

Friday, July 13, 2012

More Behind the Set Photos of Pretty Little Liars Season 3

Hey! So I did something like this a Month back where I should behind the scene photos of Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Well now I am gonna share with ya'll more photos that I found online or on Instagram. I hope You like seeing these as much as I do.

*I hope You Enjoyed this. I love looking at Behind the Set photos of PLL. Look out for Recaps to Season 3 soon I am almost done with figuring out how I wanna put the episodes.*

CES <3