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Monday, July 30, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: Recap on "Crazy"

Hey PLL Fans! Last week Episode was Insane and it lived up to its Title name. So this Episode Hanna is being Framed and Aria wants to help save Hanna.
Hanna is at her House when Wilden shows up saying he needs Blood Work from Hanna. So is Hanna being Framed of Killing Alison? Hanna is scared and the girls are looking for answers. While at School Toby needs Spencer to give him some answers about why she lied to him. Spencer can't tell Toby about A. I think Toby is gonna try to get answers on his own. Anyways Alison Dad is back and Town and Hanna wants to say sorry for what she did. When she sees him, he is not so happy with her. Nate comes sees Emily at Work and tells her that He is going on a date with Jenna!! Emily is not so happy with this. When the girls are together they hear someone that sounds like Alison and her name is Cece. She used to date Jason and was Alison Mentor. Cece is not a girl to mess with because she really can mess someone up. Emily talks with her more when they go to her Shop with Nate. Cece knows Emily was in love with Alison and knows Emily wants Nate. Nate came out and told Emily that he liked her and would date her if she was into guys!! Do you think Emily and Nate should date?? I think Emily should give him a chance. 
So Aria decides that she will go visit Mona to see if Mona will give her some answers. All Mona says is that she is sorry for Hanna. While Spencer is going home a car passes her fast and she realizes its Jason. She meets up with him when he ran into another car by the police station. Spencer jumps out to make sure he is okay and realizes he is drunk and so she gets in the car and drives him home. Back at Radley,  Aria walks out with No answers when Hanna shows up and decides to go after hours to visit Mona. Hanna and Aria show up to talk to Mona when Mona asks Hanna if she ever told the Girls what happen that night. Hanna and Mona were Playing with the Ouija Board asking if Alison is still alive when Hanna sees Alison out the door staring at her. Hanna tells her Parents that Hanna saw Alison alive but then in 3 days they find her body dead. Alison Dad won't forgive her for that. While Hanna telling the story to Aria, Mona slips out of her room. Hanna and Aria search every where trying to find her when they see she went into the Children's Ward. They see her Playing with Dolls and Mona is chanting rhymes to the Girls. Soon Hanna and Aria leave and a Nurse find Mona. Back at the Girls house they realize Mona was giving them a Website. They Look it up and it is Maya's Website!!!! But they need a Password.... 

Alison Flashback:
So it's not really a Flashback of Alison but we do see Alison! Hanna and Mona were playing with a Ouija Board asking if Alison was still alive when they got a answer. Hanna look out the door and she sees Alison staring at her!

Favorite Quote: "Whats up with your Mom?"-Hanna "She's a Slut. Lets just go to Sleep"-Aria

Favorite Hottie:
He is so Hot!!!

A Shocking Moment:  When Mona escapes her room and ends up playing with dolls in the children's ward.

Couples Update:

Hanna and Caleb: Still Broken Up....
Spencer and Toby: Toby wants answers on why Spencer lied to him
Aria and Ezra: Aria still wondering where he got that money at
Emily and ?: Emily and Paige seem not to be getting closer now but Nate told Emily that he likes her!

*Hope ya'll enjoyed this Episode. Was it Crazy for ya'll?*

CES <3

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