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Monday, July 23, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: Recap on "The Remains of A"

This Episode is called "the remains of A" and this was last weeks episode. So who is excited about tomorrows new episode called "Crazy"? It's suppose to be really amazing. Anyways lets discuss what happened in last weeks episode.
So the girls are still on the hunt to find out who Amber Rose is. Spencer and Hanna decided to go on their own quests to find answers. Spencer decided to get help from Jason, thinking that he could know who exactly is Amber Rose. Spencer is running out of ideas so she is thinking that Jason could help her find the answers she is needing. Hanna on the other hand is writing a note to A and telling A to meet her at the Church. Hanna takes the Note to show Emily. Emily doesn't think it's a good idea but Hanna knows that A ruin her relationship with Caleb so she wants revenge. Is Hanna doing the right thing? Anyways Hanna has been hanging out more at the Church because of her Mom. Emily has been working non-stop at The Brew. Hanna asks Emily though for her to come with Hanna to the Church because Hanna finds out there is a party going on at the Church tonight and needs her there. Talking to her Mom, Hanna tells her that Toby is going as her date to the Church Party!! So Hanna has to get Spencer to get Toby to come along with her to the party.
Aria is hanging out in Ezra apartment while he is showering and she looks like she lost something so she goes through his drawers and she find Tons of Cash!!! Why would Ezra have that much money laying around his apartment? Well Aria confronts him but Ezra lies about it. I don't think I believe Ezra. What are you up to Ezra??? 
Emily starts to remember more about that night and remembers a guy with a tattoo on his wrist and at the Church Party we find out that it belongs to Holden! So is he working with A? Holden also told us that he and Maya went to Parties. What Kind? Were they more than friends??
So Spencer finally found out from Jason that Amber Rose is a Antique Shop. They both decided to go there and look around to see what they can find out. While looking around they see a bracelet that had belong to Alison! Jason buys it from the Old Guy and they decided to bring it to the police to see if there are any blood found on it.
So back at the Church, Hanna and Toby are walking around when Toby is thinking that Hanna has taken him with her for a different reason. Toby knows that Hanna and Spencer lied to him and he wants to know why. Well I understand that I mean Spencer should be a little honest with him without spilling the secret about A. Who Agrees? Anyways Hanna decides to go hide and wait for A but A doesn't show up. She then hears somebody's footsteps and wonders who is coming. When she got up she realizes it's officer Wilden! He got the Note instead of A and he is not so happy with Hanna. Wilden knows that Hanna is hiding something. He has put Hanna on the Top of his list as a suspect to Alison Murder but Why.

Alison Flashback:
So in this episode we finally get a Alison Flashback! So excited!! Anyways Spencer and Alison are hanging out in Alison room. Spencer wanted to watch a Movie with Alison but Ali had other plans. Ali was all dressed up and had on a nice Bracelet around her ankle that Spencer liked. Ali told Spencer she was going out and Spencer got a little mad with Alison.

Favorite Quote: "Hanna, I've had more exciting naps than this party, and so have you"-Toby

Favorite Hottie:
I just Love Jason <3

A Shocking Moment: When we found out that Garret did not kill Alison! Spencer was crying....

Couples Update: 

Hanna and Caleb: still broken up....
Spencer and Toby: Well Toby knows that Spencer lied to him and he wants answers
Aria and Ezra: Aria found tons of cash and wonders if Ezra is telling the truth
Emily and Paige: Do you think Emily wants Paige or maybe Nate?

*Well I hope ya'll had enjoyed this Recap. Look out for a New Pretty Little Liars it's suppose to be so good I can't wait.*

CES <3

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