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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: Recap on "It Happen that Night" and "Blood is the New Black" Part 1

Hey PLL Fans! Sorry I am late putting these up but I though I would combine episodes so I can catch up with the Series. There are gonna be 3 or 4 parts where I am gonna put a couple of episodes together and recap about what happen in the show so far. First we are gonna start with the Summer Premiere Episode "It Happen that Night."

"It Happen That Night" Episode 1:
School started again for the Girls and it's their Senior Year of High School. So over the Summer we found out that Aria was taking Photography Classes, Hanna was taking Cooking Classes with Caleb, Spencer taking College Courses and Emily Building Houses in Haiti. The Night they are back together Emily gets so Drunk that She somehow ends up at Alison's Grave and the Girls have to go there and get Emily before the Cops show up. We also Find out that Hanna has been showing up at Radley to meet with Mona! Do you think that is a great idea? Well Caleb doesn't know that Hanna has been doing that. Wren is also there at Radley now and he has been talking to Hanna. Aria and Ezra are doing good even though Ezra doesn't have a Job yet. Emily is still trying to get over Maya while trying to get through Senior Year. Oh I forgot A is back and this time the Girls are in Major Danger. A is playing with Body Parts this Time.... Not Dolls like Mona.

"Blood Is The New Black" Episode 2:
Jenna is still faking that she can't see and soon the girls find out about what Jenna is really up to. What do You think is the reason for Jenna to hide that she can see? So Hanna is still seeing Mona and Hopefully to get some answers that she want. Hanna yet has told the Girls that she is visiting with Mona but this Episode she does. Wren and Hanna also have a talk and Wren tells Hanna that these meetings with Mona are helping Mona. Hanna only wishes she can see a Difference but Mona only doesn't talk she just sits there and stares. With Hanna having these meetings it drives Caleb into worry on why Hanna and Caleb haven't been spending much time together. Hanna doesn't think Caleb will understand these meetings with Mona.
We get a Shock when Hanna finally tells Caleb and He shows up with her at Radley!! Well at least he is trying to understand. Caleb meets Wren at Radley and He finds out Hanna has had multiple meetings with Mona. Caleb is not so happy about this and doesn't want Hanna visiting Mona. At the last meeting with Mona, Hanna loses her temper and throws a chair and tells Mona that she has ruined her life. We can't blame Hanna for getting upset. Throughout this Episode, Emily is trying to remember pieces from What Happen That Night. She remembers being in a back seat of a Car and Finally Emily remembers that Jenna was driving the Car!! Now the Girls are on a Hunt to see what They can find out about Jenna because they know she is hiding something from them.

*There are two or three more parts of this to come so look out for them!*

Love, CES <3

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