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Monday, July 16, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: Recap on "That Girl is Poison"

Hey! So last Week was a crazy episode because everyone now knows that Jenna can see. Bitch Can See!!!
So Emily and Spencer got a surprise at School when they see Jenna without her Glasses! Jenna didn't want their protection anymore and now we are wondering why. Jenna walked up to them and gave them a invitation to her birthday party at The Brew. Hanna didn't show up at School because she is still depressed about Caleb breaking up with her. Hanna Mom suggest that Hanna help out at the church and Hanna wasn't going to go but Hanna Mom found out that Hanna had skipped School so Hanna now has to go to the Church Event. While everything is going on Emily and Paige seem to be talking more and Paige ask Emily out on a date but it's the same night of Jenna Party and Emily has to work that night.
Aria and Ezra were out at Lunch when Aria decided to buy him Lunch. Ezra got upset because he doesn't want Aria buying things for him. Aria has no idea why Ezra was acting like that. Later Ezra told Aria that he got a Invitation also to go to Jenna Party, Aria was shocked but she decided that she wanted to go to the party which shocked Ezra too. Plus Aria seen Lucas getting locked out of a Art Studio and hope that she could find out more about why Lucas needed to get into there. While the Girls were about the Party, Spencer was at the Hospital because Garrett got temporary bail because his Mom is in the hospital. Spencer was thinking something is up so she followed him around.
Jenna seemed happy at her party but nothing is ever quite without a little drama with it. Emily was working at her Party but Paige decided to show up to support Emily. Nate soon showed up and Paige looked like she was getting jealous. Do you think Emily should date Paige? Or should she give Nate a chance? Hanna was at the Church helping sort clothes when she ran into Emily Jacket that she was wearing at Allison grave. Hanna paid for the Jacket and called the Girls to see what is going on. Aria got a present from Ezra and it was a nice expensive vintage camera. Aria loved it but doesn't know how he paid for it. Ezra told her he got a Job, Do you believe Ezra or is he lying? Meanwhile Spencer is still in the hospital when she ran into officer Wilden!
Back at the Party, Paige was getting drunk from Emily flask that she had. Paige confronted Emily when Paige fainted and hit her head. Emily and Nate took Paige to the hospital when Spencer used the distraction to get into Garrett Mom room. Spencer found a Note with the name April Rose on it. Who is she? Anyways back at the party, Aria found out that Lucas was a assistant to the lady that was taking pictures at Jenna party. She needed a new one so Aria got the Job! Aria decided to destroy the lady camera's and went to go back to the Art Gallery to see if she can find Lucas things. When she got there she found his stuff with bunch of random photos and then Aria found drugs that had drugged Emily!!!! So did Lucas did it?? Aria told Emily and was shocked because Emily found out that flask that Paige was drinking out of was drugged. Now Emily feels terrible for Paige.

Favorite Quote: "Im going to listen to every sad song i've ever downloaded on repeat"-Hanna

Couple Update: Aria and Ezra: Still going strong but Aria is worried about Ezra spending money that he doesn't have. Hanna and Caleb: Still broken up.... Spencer and Toby: Cute as ever still and going strong. Emily and Paige: Not sure if I like Paige but they seem to be getting closer.

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