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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: Recap on "Kingdom of The Blind" and "Birds of a Feather" Part 2

Hey PLL Fans! This is Part 2 of catching up on Season 3 of Pretty Little Liars. Today I will Recap "Kingdom of the Blind" and "Birds of a Feather." Next Blog post will be a Recap on This Week Episode "That Girl is Poison."

"Kingdom Of The Blind" Episode 3:
With everything that is going on with the New A, Emily grades are falling behind. Ella is worried about Emily and talks to her about her English Grade. Emily can't concentrate because she keeps trying to remember pieces of what happen that night to her when she was drugged. Emily finally remembers a important piece that Jenna was driving the Car!!!! Emily tells the Girls and they set a trap to see if Jenna is hiding about being Blind. Aria remembers something of the past about Meredith. Aria and Alison were in Bryon Office and Alison found Meredith earrings and Aria got mad and trashed Byron Office and blamed it on Meredith. Aria found the earrings again from A in her Locker and used those to get Jenna to look at them. They Found out that Jenna can see!!!
Hanna has been spending more time with Mona and Caleb is not so Happy with Hanna. Tension is building between them. Anyways Hanna goes to visit Mona and sees Lucas visiting her!! When Hanna goes back Mona is acting different this time, Mona is smiling and talking to Hanna. Hanna wants answers but Mona doesn't really give her any answers. Everybody thinks Mona is faking but Mona does have some crazy personalities. Anyways later we see Caleb visiting Mona! Mona gets upset and almost attacks Caleb which causes Mona to have no more visitors. Hanna soon finds out and gets angry with Caleb for doing that. Caleb tells Hanna to promise him that she will stay away from Mona. We all know that Hanna can't stay away from Mona. The Girls are on a Hunt to find out who is the New A.

"Birds of a Feather" Episode 4:
With everything going on with Garrett, Spencer wants some answers from him so she starts to visit him at Jail. Garret tells her that someone is lying about their medical state, so is it Melissa or Jenna? We all know now that Jenna is not blind anymore. Anyways Jason shows up at restaurant and confronts Spencer Mom about defending Garrett. Jason is not so happy and he storms out, Spencer goes to make sure he is okay. Spencer and the Girls find out that Jason put up flyers with a $50,000 reward for Alison body. While this is going on Emily works at a new place called the Brew. Emily is working when she runs into Nate who is Maya's Cousin. He just moved here and will be taking classes in the fall. Nate showed up to give Emily something that Maya had given the Family before she died. Emily present was a Shirt of their first movie that they ever saw together. Meanwhile Spencer is on a Mission to find out why her Mom took the Job to defend Garrett and also if Melissa is hiding something. Aria is dreading telling her Mom that Bryon is back in the Dating scene so Aria and Hanna try to find Ella a date by a Online Dating Service. Soon Aria finally tells her Mom what is going on and Ella already knows.
A decides to mess with Hanna and Caleb relationship by getting Caleb Mom into a car accident! Caleb tells Hanna and Hanna is worried about Caleb. Caleb tells Hanna also that he is not to happy with Hanna lying to her but Hanna can't tell Caleb yet about the New A. Caleb had enough of Hanna lying to her and he tells her he is done. Hanna starts crying and ask if Caleb is breaking up with her. Such a sad scene to watch :( Anyways Caleb says Yes and walks away from Hanna. Hanna is left crying and heart broken. Poor Hanna, Should she tell Caleb something about the New A? Anyways we also find out this episode that Melissa is lying about when she had lost the Baby!!! So did Melissa even have a baby to begin with? Also Melissa is the Black Swan!! At the last, the Girls confront Jenna about hiding about being Blind. Jenna tells the girls she is worried that someone is out to get her and asks the girls to keep it a secret.

*So Will The Girls keep Jenna Secret or will Jenna break the Promise? Also with A mess with another Relationship next? Will Hanna and Caleb get back together? Next Blog post is this week Episode "That Girl is Poison."*

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