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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Vlog of the Week that Past #5+What I Wore to College!

Hey! So this Sunday Vlog is gonna be a little different because when I talk about each day I will also show you the outfits that I wore to School.

Monday 22nd:
Shirt: Can't remember! Sorry
Pants: 579
Necklace: Earth Bound
Shoes: Payless
Nail Polish: NYC Long Wearing Empire State Blue

So Today I had three Classes. I had Infant and Toddlers from 9:35am to 12:30pm. I went home to eat and just relax then I had English from 2:30 to 3:55pm. My Last class of the Day was Sociology from 6 to 9pm. In each Class all we did is go over rules and what the Course would be like.

Tuesday 23rd:
Shirt: Body Central
Pants: Walmart

Shoes: American Eagle

I had only One Class today and that was Math at 8am to 9:20am. Afterwards I had to work today. I worked from 3:45 to 10pm which I hate working at Night! I had creepy guys trying to ask me out. But I do have to do both Work and School. It's taking me a while to get used to being back on my regular schedule. I know after work I was so Tired!!

Wednesday 24th:

Shirt: Walmart
Pants: 579

So Today I was off from work! I had English Class at 2:30 to 3:55pm. Then I just came home to relax. I had Child Growth and Development at 6 to 9pm.

Thursday 25th: So today I only had one class which was Math again. The rest of the day I had off. But at 6pm I went to a Mandatory Lab Orientation which I didn't need but I had to go to. There was so many people in One little small Class room.

Friday 26th: On fridays I have no Classes. I worked 2pm to 10pm :( My Feet was killing me. Being back to work has really got me Tired all the time now. I wish I could just work on the Weekends but I can't.

Saturday 27th: Today I had to work 8:30am to 5pm. Ugh Where has my sleep gone to? I feel like I never get sleep anymore plus I am Not a Morning person. After I got off I got me a new Haircut which was just a Trim and my Bangs are a little Shorter. I needed one because I am trying to re-grow my hair out long again because I miss it. Then I went shopping and bought Revlon Grow Lustrous Mascara, Sally Hansen Crackle coat in Fuchsia Shock, and the Infanti Conair U Curl lol if I said it right. But I am thinking once I tried these out I will do a Possible Review on them.

Sunday 28th: So Today I didn't feel like getting out of bed but I had to be at work at 9:15am. So When I did woke up my Mom made Breakfast so I just made me a Bacon Sandwhich. Then I went to work and I got off at 3:15pm. When I got home today I had to write notes for Infant and Toddlers, English, and Sociology.

So Yea this is it! Comment below if you want more Outfit of the Days and if you would like me to do a Review on the Products I mention in Saturday.

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

August Favorites 2011

Hey! So I thought I would put this up already since August is almost over. These months are going by so Fast! So I will do some of my Favorite Beauty products and Non Beauty Products. Also I am gonna add in What Product I hated this month which is gonna be my first time add a Hated product in.

Favorite Beauty Products:

Face: Almay Clear Complexion Makeup (Heals Blemishes) in Shade Ivory
Blush: Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush in Natural
Concealer: ELF Under Eye Concealer 
Powder: Almay Wakeup base makeup

Primer: ELF Eyelid Primer
Eyeshadow: Cover Girl Exact Eye Shadow in 700 Vibrant Browns <3
EyeLiner: Hard Candy Take Me Out Liner in Black
Mascara: Hard Candy Ginormous Lashes Mascara

Hair Product: Garnier Frutis Hairspray

Non-Beauty Products Favorites:

Movie: John Tucker Must Die
Tv Show: Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game
Songs: Someone Like You by Adele, How to Love by Lil Wayne, and Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae
Gum: Trident
Book: Pretty Little Liars 4th Book
Food: Nachos

Hated Product of the Month: ELF Clarifying Pressed Powder in Ivory....Why? Because when I wear it, It makes me face look really Orange:( I have a Very fair Skin Tone.

*Next Blog post is Sunday Vlog of week that Past + What I wore to College!!!*

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pretty Little Liars "I must Confess" 08/23/2011

Hey! Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale is next week!! Can't believe it's almost here. This was Episode 11. It starts off where Hanna and Emily are in beds sleeping but Emily couldn't sleep. Emily soon Disappears and Hanna calls over the other Girls to figure out where Emily went. While the Girls are talking the Girls check Emily phone and sees a message From A with a Picture of Aria and Ezra. Aria believes though that Emily won't tell her mom but what Spencer says is funny. I love what she says!!
Credit of Picture goes to Prettylittleliarss. Anyways I was just laughing when she said this. When Emily finally shows up at Dr.Sullivan's office Spencer, Hanna and Aria are already there waiting for her. The girls are worried about Emily but Emily told them that they shouldn't worry. The Girls finally tell Dr.Sullivan about A! Do you think that was a Bad move? At Aria House her Parents are still arguing on what to do with Mike. Aria is done with all the Lies and she sees Mike upset in his room after He hurt Ella wrist. He asks Aria if he will be okay and she hugs him. I hope Mike is gonna be okay! Then we see Mike walk down stairs to his Family and they just look at him. Hanna Grandma is in town and Tells Hanna Mom that she should go after Tom but Ashley Marin doesn't want to. I love Hanna Grandma in this Episode! She doesn't want her son to marry Isabel.  At school Toby says that he wants to help Spencer find out more on Jenna and Garrett but Spencer doesn't want him to get involved.
Dr.Sullivan shows up at school to do a School Presentation on Bullying. Her words are very true when she says that Bullies are powerful now and really they have more powerful weapons. I think that this Message was good because people should know that Bullying can really hurt people. Hanna thought though that Dr.Sullivan was only making things worse but I think that Dr.Sullivan can really help the girls out. But now A is after her and she needs to watch her Back. So guess what guys....MAYA is back in town. She has been for about two weeks and Emily contacts her for them to sit down and talk to each other. When Maya shows up Emily was smiling and being happy. We hadn't seen Emily happy in a while. But will Emily and Maya get back together? Emily deserves to be Loved! So Spencer and Toby were making out in his Truck when Toby thought he seen something then Spencer did too. Spencer decided that enough was enough so she walked up to Jason House when her Dad came out of Jason's House! Spencer was shocked to see him and was wondering what was he doing in Jason House.
Spencer and Her Dad start to argue when Toby gets into it saying Spencer has a right to know whats been going on. Spencer Dad starts arguing with Toby and Tells him to leave but Spencer leaves with him too. When Spencer gets into the Truck Spencer's Dad tries and stops her. At the Rehearsal Wedding Hanna and Kate are suppose to do the Speech together. While waiting Kate gets Hanna drunk and Hanna thinks that Kate is drunk too. Well Kate ask Hanna if she wanted to see the Wedding dress and Hanna says Yes. Hanna Loves the dress but you can tell by this time that Hanna is drunk. Hanna not really knowing what she is doing grabs the Dress and starts to twirl around with it.
Well all of the sudden Hanna starts feeling sick and she throws up on the Wedding dress! Kate walks in and sees Hanna doing it and Kate is just Smiling. Ugh I Hate Kate!!! Well Hanna Dad walks in with her Grandma and asks if Hanna is okay and He sees that she is Drunk. He also Notice that Hanna threw up on the Dress. Hanna Dad is furious with her but her Grandma is not. Her Grandma tries and comfort her. After Hanna Dad leaves Kate walks in and Hanna Grandma goes threw her purse and Found out Kate wasn't drunk at all she tricked Hanna. Kate got into Hanna Grandma face and Hanna says that she is gonna make Kate be in a world of Pain. I hope so Kate deserves it!! So at the end of this Episode Dr.Sullivan finds out who A is and Calls Emily to tell her to get the Girls over to her Office. When the Girls arrive Dr.Sullivan is no where to be found. A sends them a Message saying "Doctor is out". So Is she Dead?

Alison Flashback:
Alison was at Hanna house talking to Hanna Grandma and the Girls. Alison was asking Hanna Grandma that if she would ever disown any of her children. Alison was also talking about If someone stole a Family heirloom and using that money to get drugs would she disown them then. So Was Alison talking about Jason?

A Message:
"Doctor is Out"-A

Favorite Quote:
"Just Assume it's Spencer Ya know Sluttin it up"-Spencer

Favorite Hottie:
Yea I know he is creepy and all but He is Hot!

Best Dressed:
I Love Hanna Outfit! 
Dress: Myne
Shoes: Coach
Belt: Betsy Johnson

Couple Update:
Hanna and Caleb- Even though he is still gone at least he is talking with Hanna on the Phone and she seemed really Happy.
Aria and Ezra- No Ezra in this Episode:(
Emily and ?- Maya is back in town! Emily and Maya went out for dinner and talked about what has been going on and that Emily is not afraid anymore. But will Maya and Emily get back together?
Spencer and Toby- Some Hot action happen between Spencer and Toby in his Truck. I think soon their Relationship is gonna be tested though.

CES <3

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Lying Game "Being Sutton" Recap 08/22/2011

Hey! So Time for The Lying Game Recap of Episode 2. I am really starting to like this show. So it starts out with Emma freaking out because she doesn't wanna lie anymore to anyone and starts to pack up and leave to find Sutton when Ethan tells her to trust him. When at School Laurel catches Ethan and Emma talking about the Father Daughter Dance that is coming up. Emma can't dance and Ethan says he will help her out so Everyone thinks Emma is still Sutton.
Ethan tells Emma to meet him at a Country Club and Emma finds out that he works there. When They are dancing Emma doesn't know she can pull this off and Ethan reassures her. When Emma asks where did he learn his moves from he said that Sutton taught him. It looks like Emma got a Little Jealous. Maybe a Love Triangle will start up? I hope So! I like Ethan with Emma better. Don't you think? But Ethan Dad is Suspicious that something is going on between them. But Ethan dad is not the only one, Laurel also wants to know what is going on between them. At Char house Char tells her mom that she won't be in the Recital and Char mom gets mad. Emma steps up and Protects Char, Emma doesn't like how hard Char mom is being to Char. I really don't like Char mom she is a well....You know what I mean. Char is upset but glad Emma is taking up for her. When Emma is away from House her Phone rings and Sutton's Mom answer the Phone and it is Travis!! He was saying Emma name but when Sutton Mom said Who is this he hung up. Does she Suspect something is up? Does she know About Sutton having a Twin? It looks to me like she knows something. When Mad's Dad talks to Sutton's Dad it seems like they have a Secret or something together by the way they are acting. Everyone in the town of Phoenix seem to being telling a Lie or has a Secret.
 At the Dance Char and Laurel talk about "Sutton" and they seem to think Sutton has been acting weird ever since she got back to Paris. Also Char and Laurel seem that they don't get along much. At the Dance Laurel seems alittle Jealous that her Dad is dancing with Sutton and not her. She feels that they Love Sutton more than they do her. While Dancing with Dad, Emma feels nervous to try and Remember how to dance so she doesn't screw things up. Ethan is watching them dance by the door and he seems Happy but Laurel sees him staring at Sutton and she thinks now that they are in a Relationship together. Mad's Dad and Madison were dancing together when Mad's Dad found out that she was using his money to send to her brother Thayer. He got mad at her and they went outside to talk. Emma walks outside to find them Arguing she Interrupts him to say she is Sorry but he starts to Blame her for Thayer leaving and says she is bad. Ethan Sees what Mad's Dad is doing to her so Ethan tries and stops him when Mad's Dad hits Ethan!
Sutton Dad finds out what Happen and is Upset with him. I am Glad Ethan is Standing up for Emma! someone should... After the Party is over Emma finally gets a hold of Sutton and Rushes to the Computer with Ethan to talk to her. Sutton finally knows that Ethan knows about the Switch. Ethan is mad at Sutton for not telling him. Well I thought she got kidnapped but Glad she is okay. Sutton says she was suppose to meet their Real Mom at the Pier but she never showed up. Sutton tells Emma she needs a few more days to get more information. When done talking to Sutton, Sutton Parents catch Emma and Ethan together in her room! Laurel tells them That Sutton is seeing Ethan. Dang Laurel don't Screw things up for Emma and Ethan. At the End it shows Mad's Dad talking to a Guy and he hands him Sutton's Laptop!! What does Mad's Dad want with Sutton's Laptop. Now I really don't trust him!!!
Pictures at the Father Daughter Dance:

Drama Recap:
Laurel catches Ethan and Emma talking. Ethan teaches Emma to dance. Emma told off Char Mom because Char Mom was being to harsh to Char. Sutton's Mom answers Emma phone. Mad's Dad hits Ethan. Emma Finally gets a Hold of Sutton. Thayer is helping Sutton. Laurel tells her Parents that Sutton and Ethan are dating. Sutton's parents Catch Emma and Ethan together. Emma tells Ethan Dad that she is not Sutton but he doesn't believe her. Mad's Dad gets a hold of Sutton's Laptop.

Favorite Quote:
"I don't do Dresses"-Ethan

Favorite Hottie:
Again Ethan is My Favorite Hottie! He is a Bad Boy but he is also Sweet and I really hope that him and Emma get together. 

Least Trustworthy Person:
Mad's Dad I don't trust at all. He got Sutton's Laptop now! No telling what he is gonna do once he knows that Sutton has a Twin and that Emma took Sutton Place. He scares me.

Best Dressed:
I Love Laurel's Dress! It fits perfectly on her.

CES <3

Monday, August 22, 2011

My Thoughts for going Back to School!

Hey! So today was my Fall semester at My College and it was a little Stressful. I had 3 Classes today: Infant and Toddlers, Freshman Comp. English, and Sociology. I will be doing a Vlog on First week of School and Outfits that I wore each day. I think lately I just been freaking out because last week I went back to work and now I have to balance Work and School. I did it before but my College Courses this Semester are gonna be harder than Last Semester. I am just trying to stay Positive and not worry so much. I still didn't get my Books yet and my Teachers already have given us Assignments. It's kinda Frustrating because my Financial aid money doesn't come in till September. It makes me FREAKING MAD when they give you your Financial aid so late when they know you Have to get books for Classes. I really don't understand it at all. Anyways my Teachers are pretty good and are Really Passionate about what they Teach which I love. I mean you do have to Love what you do in order to really Teach others about a Subject don't You think?
This Semester I have to do 32 hours of Observing Children and 3 Hours of Volunteer Service.
Tomorrow I have one class for the day which I am glad. I take Math tomorrow at 8am. I am also going to Bookstore to try and get my books for my Classes so I won't fall behind. At 3:45pm I go to work, so Tomorrow is gonna be a Busy day.

*So Down below Tell me How Your First day went! I would love to hear your Thoughts*

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Lying Game "Pilot" Recap 08/15/2011

Hey! So I figured out that I love to Recap on shows and let everyone know how I felt about them. So to get this out of the Way I haven't read the Books Yet. I heard about a Show coming on that was written by Sara Shepard and Since I am Obsessed with Pretty Little Liars I had to watch this Show. This is the 1st Episode of The Lying Game.
It's about Two Identical Twin Sisters that some how when they were born got separated from each other. The Girls have no Idea what had made them get separated or what happen to their Parents. Time for the Girls to start digging for answers, Fight for what they Believe in, and it's all about A Lie that may make or break them.

Sutton grew up in a Wealthy and loving Family that took her in when she was a baby. She can have Anything she Desires and More. She can be a Complicated person at times but Sutton Knows what She wants and will stop at nothing to get that. The thing Sutton wants most is to find out what had Happen to her and Emma Parents. She is Surrounded by Friends and  even Guys that Love her. She is known by Almost Everyone. Sutton was taken by Luke but was Secretly dating Ethan. Sutton was the one who found Emma. When Sutton and Emma meet Face to Face, Sutton gets Emma to switch Places with her so that Sutton can go on a Quest to find what really Happen to their Parents.
Emma growing up had a pretty Rough Life. She grew up in the Foster Care System. Emma grew up living with other Foster Care People and had to deal with people that she really didn't want to deal with. Emma soon gets the Cops called on her because one of the Other Foster Care people blamed Emma for stealing out of her Foster Care Mothers purse. So Emma leaves by Hitting and Escaping her way from that Place to going where Sutton lives. When she Meets Sutton face to Face Emma can't believe that they look alike. Sutton convinces Emma to trade Places with her for only a Couple of days. Emma tries to fit into Sutton's Perfect life and still dealing with the Cops being after her.
This is Sutton's Step Parents that took her in when she was a Baby. They seem to have a Perfect life together but are they Hiding something from Sutton? They only want what is best for Sutton. Although Sutton's Parents yet know that Emma took Sutton place as her. They start to wonder why is their daughter acting weird but they just think it was Paris that help their Daughter understand things. But will they soon find out that Emma is acting like Sutton? What will their Reactions be? I wonder what they will think when they finally meet the Real Emma. I just hope they give her a Chance because Emma has been through a lot and she really does deserve to be happy and be Loved. Don't you think the Same too?
On the Left is Emma and on the Right is Laurel (Sutton's Step Sister). Sutton was first of the Family that was Adopted but Laurel is not Adopted. They grew up together not on the Best of Terms. Sutton always did not like Laurel. When Emma takes Sutton Place Laurel is seeing a Different side of "Sutton". She knows that something might not be adding up right about why Sutton is treating her Differently but Laurel doesn't know that Emma took Sutton's Place. Will Emma reveal the Truth to Laurel or will She find out on her Own? I am Interest on how Emma and Laurel will get along and How their Relationship will be different from Sutton and Laurel not so Tight Bonding.
Ethan is a "Bad Boy" Who is a Son of the Local Police Officer. He was Secretly dating Sutton. When Emma arrives to take Sutton place, Ethan knows something is up because "Sutton" accuses him of Stalking her. When Ethan kisses the Fake Sutton he knows that something isn't right. All It Takes is A Kiss.... So Emma finally comes Clean to Ethan and lets him know what has been going on and what Sutton is Up to. Ethan is going to help Emma to keep everyone Still thinking that she is Sutton. He seems like a Loyal Guy. But will Ethan start developing Feelings for Emma? It seems that they will get to spend more time together and soon they will get to know the Real truth about each other. What will Sutton think once she Knows that Ethan knows of the Switch?
Nisha is Sutton's Rival. She is a Star Tennis Player and Love a Challenge. She is always trying to be on Top and Be Head Queen Bitch. On the Tennis Court she Battles Sutton who she says Is a NOT so good Tennis Player but when she Battles Emma she has met her Match. After the Match with Nisha, Emma catches Sutton's boyfriend cheating with Nisha. She catches them Making out. Later at a Party Emma hits Nisha for her saying that She was Unwanted and not Loved. I can tell that these two won't get along well. Maybe Nisha will finally lose at a Battle of trying to be ahead of Sutton. What will Nisha do next to Surprise us? Will she and Emma get into more Fights?

Drama Recap:
Sutton and Emma trade Places and Sutton searches for Answers. Emma kisses Luke and Then Catches him cheating on Sutton with Nisha. Emma Battles Nisha on the Tennis Court. At a Party Emma as "Sutton" Breaks up with Luke and Hits Nisha. Ethan who was secretly dating Sutton found out about Emma. Sutton doesn't show up at the Cabin. Ethan is going to Help Emma find Sutton and Keep People from knowing that Emma is not Sutton. Someone breaks into Sutton's room and Steals the Laptop. The Laptop has information about Sutton's secrets and Probably information on Emma and Sutton's real Parents.

Favorite Quote:
"You got the Smart half of the Embryo didn't You?"-Sutton

Favorite Hottie:
Even though Ethan is a Bad Boy, I just Love Him:) He has a Edgy feel to him but the other side of him is Sweet.

Least Trustworthy Person:
Sorry But I don't trust Nisha. No telling what this girl is capable of doing. She already got Emma to hate her and Emma has only been in that Town for Two Days. At that Party Nisha did deserved to get Slap by Emma.

Best Dressed:
Emma as Being Sutton at School she totally rocked out in Sutton's Clothes. I love how she made her outfit look Edgy but Classy.

*So I Hope You Enjoyed this and Watch The Lying Game every Monday night on ABC Family*

CES <3

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pretty Little Liars "Touched by A-ngel" 08/16/2011

Hey! Pretty Little Liars is almost coming to an end for the Summer Finale. This was Episode 10. If I am Right there are two more left. So Starting out Emily and Aria were in the Cafeteria when Emily told Aria about Jason taking Pictures of her while she is Sleeping! Creepy??!! Well then Aria tells Emily that Jason Kissed her and When Spencer shows up at the Table Spencer is Freaking out by what Emily tells her about Aria and Jason. Should Aria Give Jason a Chance OR Should she just Stay away from Him?
Aria wants to find out on her Own so She confronts Jason about what she heard to find out the Truth. When she talks to Jason and tells him what she Heard Jason tells her that Alison took those Pictures of her. Why would Alison do that?? Aria believes him and He gives her a Picture of her that was taken by Ali. Later at School Aria sees Ezra with His ex Jackie helping him set up for the College Fair. Aria is not so Happy to be seeing them together. Aria Later tells Ezra she is Worried about their Relationship and That she Kissed Jason! At the Hastings House Spencer was going through Ian things when Toby showed up asking her why wasn't she at School. While Going through things Toby finds an old Yearbook. Spencer and Toby goes through it and sees Ian Picture. Spencer knows all the Clubs but is Shocked not knowing what N.A.T Club is and why hasn't she heard of it before. Going through the rest of the Yearbook to see who else was in the Club Spencer and Toby finds out that also Jason and Garrett were in the Club too. But what Does N.A.T stand For? Well in English it means WE SEE ALL. So was They the Ones that Video Taped the Girls? Spencer is now thinking that Jason might have Killed Alison. Next Hanna took Mona with her to find a Dress for her Dad Wedding. Hanna was shocked when She saw Kate her Step-Sister coming through the Door.
Hanna Introduces Kate to Mona and Kate asks the girls if they Wanna hang out Later. Hanna says No but Mona insist that they go so Hanna can become friends with Kate. Hanna is Surprised when Kate invites them to go Horse back Riding. Mona lied and Says she knew how but Somehow Hanna and Mona ends up losing their Horse and Hanna starts arguing with Mona. Back at the Room by the Stables, Hanna is taking off her boots and Telling Mona that Kate is a Bitch and Rather careless about her but Hanna finds out that Kate overheard the Whole Convo. Uh Oh Guess Hanna and Kate won't become friends any time soon. Later Kate calls and Says Welcome to the Family and that Kate is coming after Hanna. Let the Battle of Hanna and Kate begin....
 Spencer is Worried about Aria so She decides to get Help from Ezra to convince him that Jason is Dangerous. Ezra is Shocked to know that Spencer knows about the Relationship. While in the Car with Ezra, Aria Mom Ella sees and Thinks that Spencer is in a Relationship with Ezra!! LOL. Back at the Hastings House Spencer is Surprised to see Jenna waiting for her. Jenna wants the Girls to stop worrying so much and to Stop meddling with stuff that they Shouldn't. Jenna also Knows that Toby is helping Spencer find more out about Ian and Jason. Spencer tells Jenna to leave but before she does she tells Jenna to say Hey to Garrett!! I loved Spencer face when she did that. At School Hanna gives Emily a Free Massage Pass so Emily can try and Relax. Emily Takes it and Goes to the Massage place, The Lady can tell that this was Emily first time. She tells Emily to lay down when she is good and ready to.
When Emily lays down she feels Hands massaging her and she says it feels good but when it's over and a Lady walks in to Say Sorry she was Late Emily starts freaking out. She looks around and Notice A left it's Mark on a Glass cup. A had it's hands on Emily Neck!! I would have been having a Panic Attack if that was me in Emily's Situation. Aria was at Jason House, Jason went to get a Box for Aria to have and when he left Ezra showed up! Ezra said that He doesn't like Jason and that He doesn't want to lose Aria. They Start to kiss and when they do Jason sees them! Another person to add to the List of People that Know about Aria and Ezra. What will She do? Who will she Pick?
Jenna thinks it's time to talk to Jason and Make sure he knows their deal. Garrett goes over to his House to make sure that everything is okay between them and that he is holding his side of the Deal. What is going on with Jenna, Garrett, and Jason? What is the "Jason Thing"? I wonder if Jason killed Alison or not. It's kinda hard to tell right now but Hopefully the next Episode will help us. At the End of this Episode A goes to see the Therapist. She knows who it is!!! I wonder though if the Therapist is next to get the Axe. In next Episode the girls tell the Therapist about A and how A has ruin their Lives. Do you think the Girls made a Bad Decision to Tell her OR that the Girls Should because it's time to Fight back against A?

A's Message:
"The Weak link is the Easiest to Break, Snapping Yet?"-A

Favorite Quote:
"Sometimes you have to Hurt someone to Help them"-Spencer

Favorite Hottie:
I Love Ezra!! He could be my Hot Teacher Anytime:) I don't Blame Aria for going after him but she better not lose him!!!

Best Dressed:
I was Shocked that I found another Outfit that I liked of Spencer's.  I Loved how she wore Denim. I thought she wouldn't pull it all together but she did. I Love her Shirt!!
Shirt: Urban Renewal
Pants: BDG
Belt: Work Duds

Couple Update:
Hanna and Caleb- Sadly Caleb is still not back from Visiting his real Mom. You can Tell Hanna really misses him.
Aria and Ezra- Aria is Worried that Ezra is Spending too much time with Jackie. Ezra is Worried about Jason being around Aria and that He doesn't want to lose her.
Emily and ?- Poor Emily :( I feel bad that she can't have a Stable Relationship. She needs Love in her Life too!!!
Spencer and Toby- Seems they are still going Strong. But will Jenna break them Up? Lets Hope not...

CES <3

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Update on Life

Hey! So sorry that I haven't been updating my Blog. I just started to go back to work again after being off for about 3 months. This Month has been a little crazy so far. Beginning of the Month was spent in a Hospital because I was so Dehydrated and Doctors wanted to keep a eye on me. I never felt so worse till I had to go to Hospital for Pain and Vomiting. I feel better now but I got my Migraines back again and I had to be put back on Migraine Prevention Medicine and so far it's been doing pretty good. It sucks though because now I owe a lot of Money to the Hospital and I have no Insurance :/ I need to get some though. So Saturday the 13th of this Month I went back to work by My Doctors Approval. The first day back wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. I just had to learn about a few things. So far I been doing pretty okay since I came back to work but just having to get used to being Tired again and my feet hurting. I just need to get back on my Regular Routine of doing things again but I know it will take some time. Well as for School I start next Week on the 22nd. I have 5 Classes and has to do 32 Hours of Lab this Semester. Of Course my Major is still the same, It's Child Development. I have most of my School Supplies except for my College Books. I have to wait till September the 1st to get them. They are gonna cost me $600.00 I hate that they cost so much. I have to focus and Make sure I give these classes my All so that my grades are better this Semester. When Classes start I will try my best to Update and do more Outfits of The Day. As for my Social life it's not that good. Since I am back at work and about to head back to School I will be too Busy to hang with them but I hope I can Try to get time so that I can. Of Course I am still single I been on Dates lately but nothing too Serious yet. I hope that I can find the right guy. Anyways so Nothing really else has happen to me lately.

CES <3 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pretty Little Liars "Picture This" 08/9/2011

Hey! Another Recap to discuss on Pretty Little Liars. This is Episode 9. So Emily, Spencer and Hanna were at the Hospital trying to find the Missing Page of Alison Autopsy. When Emily told Spencer to hurry they run into Jenna talking to a Nurse about Seeing Again!! Uh Oh What will the Girls think about this?? While dealing with this Aria can not stop dreaming about Jason.
With Ezra not knowing about Aria spending more time with Jason, Will he find out on his Own? Aria is thinking these feelings will go away but with them spending time together I don't think it will. When Jason arrives in Aria house she is shocked to see him there and makes up a lie so He can leave. Later though Aria runs into Jason and he Confesses How he feels about her and even Kisses her!! Aria is shocked and tells him that she is Taken. What will happen next between Them??
Spencer is sneaking around and Finds Jason telling another guy that NO one can't go into the Shed. Spencer starts to wonder what is in that Shed that He doesn't want us to see. For the Ezria Fans Aria goes to Ezra Office and Tells him that they need some more Alone time together and Puts a Chair in front of his Door. Aria and Ezra start making out and heads to the couch for more "Fun" but is she just doing this to get Jason out of her head? At Hanna House Emily invites some friends over to the House and she asked Ashley Marin and it was okay just no girls in her room.
When all seems to be going well A sends Emily a Text saying "If Zoey leaves without Your digits Your test results go Viral" Emily doesn't like this because this could mess things up with Her and Samara. When A sends another text saying "Tick Tock" Emily gives Zoey her number but another girl saw and tells Samara about it. When Emily and Samara meet up again Samara is Upset with Emily and tells her that They can't be together and if Emily was just doing this just because Samara brought another girl to the Fashion Show. Will Emily and Samara work through their problems or will A win this one??
When Hanna catches up with Caleb talking to a guy she asks him who that was and Caleb tells her That was a Private Investigation that his Real Mom did to find him. When Hanna asks if he will talk to his Real Mom Caleb doesn't want to meet her.
Hanna feels that Caleb should give his Mom a Chance to explain everything. When Caleb thinks about it he tells Hanna that he talked to his Mom and she wants him to visit. Caleb tells Hanna that he is Leaving Rosewood. Caleb and Hanna start to cry not knowing what will Happen to their Relationship. It even made me Cry!! Caleb said he will be back only to see her. When Caleb is leaving Hanna tells Caleb she loves him and he says it back. I hope Caleb does return back to Rosewood....
At Hastings House Spencer hurries her Mom out of the House so Spencer and Emily can see whats inside Jason Shed. When They go over to the Shed Spencer finds the Key and Opens it. They are Surprised when they see Pictures of Aria Sleeping!! Is Jason that Creepy? Why does he have Pictures of her?
When Spencer and Emily are in the Shed they are Rushed to get out when they Here Jason and a Flashlight is left in the Shed. Jason Padlocks his Shed and When Spencer and Emily come back they are shocked to see the Pictures are gone and the Flashlight is in the Middle of the Floor. Spencer and Emily try to Contact Aria to let her know Jason can not be trusted but they Can't reach her! Once the Girls tell Aria will she believe them and will she stay away from Jason? Will Ezra have to step in to find out the Truth? How will A strike next and will A keep messing with Emily until Emily Cracks? A Has already messed with Hanna by putting her into the Hospital, Spencer by almost getting killed in the Tower, Now is Emily next or Aria?

Favorite Quote:
"Your Playing with Fire"-Emily

Favorite Hottie:
Ezra is so Sexy! Even with his Shirt off in this Episode:)

Best Dressed:
Love Hanna Outfit! 
Jacket: Bebe
Shirt: Joie
Jeans: Bebe
Boots: Guess

Couple Update:
Hanna and Caleb- Caleb real Mom is looking for him and when Caleb thinks about if he wants to talk to her Hanna gives him advice that he should give her a Chance. Caleb then Tells Hanna he is Leaving Rosewood for awhile so he can meet up with his Mom. Will Caleb and Hanna stay Together?
Emily and Samara- Emily gave another girl a Number because A threatened her. Samara found out and told Emily they can't be together. Will they Make Up?
Aria and Ezra- Aria has been having a lot of Dreams about Jason Lately. They are spending more time together. Jason tells her how he feels about her and He Kisses her!! But Aria tells him she is Taken. Will Ezra find out about this?
Spencer and Toby- Sadly again Toby wasn't in this Episode.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This or That Tag 2011

Hey! So I was Tag by 21SaraLoves to do this Tag.

Tribal or Aztec? I would say Tribal. Because I am Love the Patterns.
Girly or boho? Girly. Because I can dress up and put on Accessories.  
Floral or paisley? I would say Floral of Course!!!
Chunky or single bracelet? I prefer Both but I like to Layer different types of Bracelets.
Layered or single necklace? I like Single. 
Shoulder bag or wristlet? Shoulder bag because a Wristlet I would Probably lose. I am bad at losing things.
Nude pumps or red heels? Red Heels. They are more Fun to play around with. And wearing Red Heels make you look Fierce lol.

Volumnizing or lengthening mascara? I say Both because I like my Lashes with Length but to have some Volume added.
Smashbox or nars? I don't have these Products where I live.
Foundation or tinted moisturizer? Tinted moisturizer. I hate anything that goes on too thick.
Cream blush or benetint? Cream Blush because I never tried Benetint. 

Liquid liner or gel liner? Liquid Liner is easier for me.
Highlighting or contour? Contour. 
Sephora or ulta? I don't have these where I live. But I heard Ulta is a Good place to shop.

CVS or walgreens? I say Walgreens because I shop there a lot.
Touch up stick or liquid concealer? Liquid concealer. I need a lot of Coverage.
Tanning mousse or tanning bed? I don't use either. 

Feathers or no feathers? I been Dying to try out Feathers!!! I really want one.
Curling wand or curling iron? I say Curling Wand. I need to buy me one though!
Flat iron or blow dryer? Flat iron!

Messy bun or ponytail? I usually do both but I would say Messy Bun.
Braid or fishtail? I never could learn how to do a Fishtail but It looks so Pretty! I wanna try it out sometime.

Nail stickers or traditional polish? Traditional but I never paint my nails they seem not to last long on my nails but I do paint my Toe Nails. 
Sephora by OPI or OPI? OPI
Mac polish or ulta brand nail polish? I have never tried MAC or Ulta. I don't have these Brands where I live.

*I Tag anyone who would like to do this!!!*

CES <3

Monday, August 8, 2011

Pretty Little Liars Shirts from Delias

Hey! So I was looking around on Online Store's that I like looking at when I wanted to find some Pretty Little Liar Shirt's when I came across Delias. I Searched for Pretty Little Liar Clothing and I found some Shirt's that I really wanna buy now! They are $24.50 and it Buy One Get One 50% off.

Here is a Few that I Like:

So What do You think of Them?
*Does anyone know why there is a Big Space between the Pictures? Idk why it keeps doing that.* 

CES <3

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Vlog of the Week that Past #4

Hey! So today I am gonna Share how my week went since I haven't done one of these in a while. This week had it's ups and downs. I been recovering all this week which I will explain why...

Monday 1st: So today I had to lay in bed all day. I started to vomit and couldn't hold any of my food down. I felt so Miserable. I haven't felt like this since in April. Yesterday on July 31st I had to go to Hospital because I had major neck and Chest Pains. I found out I had a Virus and another Bladder Infection. So Today I had to be on Medicine and My Mom had to watch me to make sure any new symptoms didn't pop up.
Tuesday 2nd: Today I felt so Horrible. My Mom had to get off work early so she can take me back to the Hospital. It took them forever to see me and The Pain was so Bad that I couldn't hold back the tears. When they finally seen me they gave me a IV with Vomiting meds and Pain reliever. The Doctor said I had to be admitted to the Hospital and Stay over night so they can Watch me. I didn't like that at all and I was so Uncomfortable. I hate Hospitals. My Mom stayed with me in the Hospital because she knows that when I am sick I don't like being alone. During the Night I couldn't sleep at all and I had to get up every hour to go to Bathroom because of the IV Fluids.
Wednesday 3rd: When I woke up in Hospital I felt a little better but not a lot. Then after I ate Hospital food I started to get worse. I started to get a bad Migraine and Pains again. The Doctors said I had to stay a couple of more hours till they could release me but when they did I was so Glad. My Mom took me home and I laid in my bed almost for the rest of the day to rest.
Thursday 4th: Today I had to rest because I wasn't allowed to do much. I was feeling better but still had a Major Migraine. I usually have bad Migraines and I used to take meds for them but I stop because they went away but I might have to go back on them if they continue.
Friday 5th: Today I still had to rest because I still wasn't feeling good at all. But today I got my schedule for work and I finally return on the 13th of this month. I been on Temporary Leave for 3 Months because of my Health. I am not sure how long it will take me though to get back to focusing on work. But I need the money though.
Saturday 6th: Today I felt better where I can get up and move some. Still though my Head was Hurting. Should a Migraine last almost a Week? Anyways I finally got out of the House since going to Hospital, It was a short time and I went with my Dad to get stuff for BQ. I could feel the Sun beaming down on me and that didn't help my Head any. When I got home I had to rest because I started to feel bad again.
Sunday 7th: Today I woke up early to eat Breakfast and just been relaxing. My Mom bought me some Medicine for my Migraine and it's been helping so hopefully it will stay like that. Right now I am just listening to Music and writing down songs I want to add to my Pink MP3 Player. Rest of day just gonna chill then Later going to watch Teen Choice Awards and Glee Project.

CES <3

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pretty Little Liars "Save The Date" 08/2/2011

Hey! Time for another Recap of my Favorite Show Pretty Little Liars. This is Episode 8. So it starts out with the Girls discussing Garrett and How he is connected to Jenna. The Girls Spy on Garrett and see him going into Jenna House and They peek through a window and see Jenna and Garrett together.
So Now that the Girls know, What will they do about it? At Spencer house there is a Knock on the Door and it is Wren! Spencer found out that he is now working at the Hospital in town and When Wren asked to drive her to school and to get Coffee Spencer Told him she is Taken and asked If he was really here to see her and not Melissa. Could Wren come between Spencer and Toby? At Hollis College Ezra showed up in the Art Room to surprise Aria. When Aria talks about her Brother and Mentions Jason, Ezra asked Aria if He should be worried about them Two. Well Should He? Emily has been feeling a lot of Pain lately because she is training harder than ever to get the Scholarship. When she is at School her Dad shows up to Surprise her saying he is coming to her meet. But after He leaves Emily Develops more pain and Collapses to the Ground and rushed to the Hospital.
Emily thinks that she is getting Muscle Pain because of all the Training but it's more than she thought. The doctors tell her that she has a Ulcer in her Stomach and Once the Girls found out they come to see her. When Garrett talks to Jenna he tells her that He thinks the Girls know about them two. Jenna tells him that they need to take care of it as soon as they can. So what does this mean for the Girls? Emily is already in the Hospital. When Emily gets food to eat at the Hospital Emily is Surprised by what she sees. Emily got a message from A that says "Hey Em some Cream with your Coffee?" So now we Know A did something to Emily she already did something to Hanna. Wren comes to Visit Emily and Tells her She will be okay but something else makes Emily scared. Wren tells Emily that they found something in her Blood Stream.
They found HGH which is Steroids in her Blood Stream and Emily tells him she swears she didn't take any of that. Emily is Scared that they will Never let her Swim again and she will be Forced to go to Texas.
At Hanna House Hanna Dad is talking with Her Mom and something is going on between them. Ashley Knows their relationship will never be the same and asks Him to go back to his wife. She knows he will never know what he wants and she doesn't need that and so does Hanna. When Hanna gets Home to see Her Dad not there Hanna asked her Mom what happen and Hanna mom Explains what she told Hanna Dad. Hanna is Upset because she thought Hanna Dad will come back to her Mom. It doesn't seem like that is gonna happen now. When Hanna is at School Hanna sees A Car Following Caleb and Hanna is worried.
When Hanna tries to talk to Caleb, he Gets Angry at her and Tells her to Leave it alone. Hanna Doesn't and She finds the Car again later and walks up to the Guy in the car and Tells Him that Caleb knows who he is and that He is not leaving again. But Hanna doesn't really know who this Guy is until next Episode. Back at the Hospital Spencer wants to know What really Happen to Alison so she and Aria do a little Investigation on their Own. Spencer and Aria dress up as Volunteers and goes to the Morgue to find Alison Autopsy. When they Find the Autopsy Spencer goes through it to see what was used as the Murder Weapon. Spencer thinks it was the Hockey Stick that her Dad Burned. Spencer and Aria Grab the Papers to go show Emily what they found.
They look at a Photo of her Skull to find out what it put a Dent in her Skull but that's not what killed her. When they look at the Summary they found out that Alison was buried Alive and that's what Killed her. The Girls though are Wondering what Happen to Page 5 because it is missing. Could A Have taken it? What is in Page 5? The Girls need to find out more information in order to know if it was a Boy or a girl that Killed Ali and Who. But if they keep this up They could be next to end up in the Hospital. At the End of Episode it showed Someone Playing like they were Dead in the Morgue Could it be A? What do you think will happen next? Hopefully we will find out more about Alison Death and about "Jason Thing".

Favorite Quote:
"Please Jenna can't hear Us she is Blind"-Hanna

Favorite Hottie:
Wren is so Sexy! He looks good in a Doctor Uniform:)

Best Dressed:
I Love Aria Dress!!

Couple Update:
Hanna and Caleb- Hanna is still worried about Caleb and really more now that someone is Following Caleb.
Aria and Ezra- It seems that Ezra is worried about Aria and Jason. Should He be Worried?
Emily and Samara- Samara wasn't in this Episode but I wonder if Emily will get closer to her.
Spencer and Toby- Toby wasn't in this Episode:(

CES <3