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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Vlog of the Week that Past #4

Hey! So today I am gonna Share how my week went since I haven't done one of these in a while. This week had it's ups and downs. I been recovering all this week which I will explain why...

Monday 1st: So today I had to lay in bed all day. I started to vomit and couldn't hold any of my food down. I felt so Miserable. I haven't felt like this since in April. Yesterday on July 31st I had to go to Hospital because I had major neck and Chest Pains. I found out I had a Virus and another Bladder Infection. So Today I had to be on Medicine and My Mom had to watch me to make sure any new symptoms didn't pop up.
Tuesday 2nd: Today I felt so Horrible. My Mom had to get off work early so she can take me back to the Hospital. It took them forever to see me and The Pain was so Bad that I couldn't hold back the tears. When they finally seen me they gave me a IV with Vomiting meds and Pain reliever. The Doctor said I had to be admitted to the Hospital and Stay over night so they can Watch me. I didn't like that at all and I was so Uncomfortable. I hate Hospitals. My Mom stayed with me in the Hospital because she knows that when I am sick I don't like being alone. During the Night I couldn't sleep at all and I had to get up every hour to go to Bathroom because of the IV Fluids.
Wednesday 3rd: When I woke up in Hospital I felt a little better but not a lot. Then after I ate Hospital food I started to get worse. I started to get a bad Migraine and Pains again. The Doctors said I had to stay a couple of more hours till they could release me but when they did I was so Glad. My Mom took me home and I laid in my bed almost for the rest of the day to rest.
Thursday 4th: Today I had to rest because I wasn't allowed to do much. I was feeling better but still had a Major Migraine. I usually have bad Migraines and I used to take meds for them but I stop because they went away but I might have to go back on them if they continue.
Friday 5th: Today I still had to rest because I still wasn't feeling good at all. But today I got my schedule for work and I finally return on the 13th of this month. I been on Temporary Leave for 3 Months because of my Health. I am not sure how long it will take me though to get back to focusing on work. But I need the money though.
Saturday 6th: Today I felt better where I can get up and move some. Still though my Head was Hurting. Should a Migraine last almost a Week? Anyways I finally got out of the House since going to Hospital, It was a short time and I went with my Dad to get stuff for BQ. I could feel the Sun beaming down on me and that didn't help my Head any. When I got home I had to rest because I started to feel bad again.
Sunday 7th: Today I woke up early to eat Breakfast and just been relaxing. My Mom bought me some Medicine for my Migraine and it's been helping so hopefully it will stay like that. Right now I am just listening to Music and writing down songs I want to add to my Pink MP3 Player. Rest of day just gonna chill then Later going to watch Teen Choice Awards and Glee Project.

CES <3


  1. Aw you are too young to have to deal with all these health problems. I can sympathize with the migraines though. I get about 10 a month which is really bad and am currently seeing a pain/headache specialist about them.
    I am excited to watch the teen choice awards tonight too!


  2. Thanks Girl. I know I wish I didn't have all these problems at my age:/
    I gotta go see a Bladder Specialist soon.
    I Hope PLL Wins a Award Tonight!!