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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Lying Game "Being Sutton" Recap 08/22/2011

Hey! So Time for The Lying Game Recap of Episode 2. I am really starting to like this show. So it starts out with Emma freaking out because she doesn't wanna lie anymore to anyone and starts to pack up and leave to find Sutton when Ethan tells her to trust him. When at School Laurel catches Ethan and Emma talking about the Father Daughter Dance that is coming up. Emma can't dance and Ethan says he will help her out so Everyone thinks Emma is still Sutton.
Ethan tells Emma to meet him at a Country Club and Emma finds out that he works there. When They are dancing Emma doesn't know she can pull this off and Ethan reassures her. When Emma asks where did he learn his moves from he said that Sutton taught him. It looks like Emma got a Little Jealous. Maybe a Love Triangle will start up? I hope So! I like Ethan with Emma better. Don't you think? But Ethan Dad is Suspicious that something is going on between them. But Ethan dad is not the only one, Laurel also wants to know what is going on between them. At Char house Char tells her mom that she won't be in the Recital and Char mom gets mad. Emma steps up and Protects Char, Emma doesn't like how hard Char mom is being to Char. I really don't like Char mom she is a well....You know what I mean. Char is upset but glad Emma is taking up for her. When Emma is away from House her Phone rings and Sutton's Mom answer the Phone and it is Travis!! He was saying Emma name but when Sutton Mom said Who is this he hung up. Does she Suspect something is up? Does she know About Sutton having a Twin? It looks to me like she knows something. When Mad's Dad talks to Sutton's Dad it seems like they have a Secret or something together by the way they are acting. Everyone in the town of Phoenix seem to being telling a Lie or has a Secret.
 At the Dance Char and Laurel talk about "Sutton" and they seem to think Sutton has been acting weird ever since she got back to Paris. Also Char and Laurel seem that they don't get along much. At the Dance Laurel seems alittle Jealous that her Dad is dancing with Sutton and not her. She feels that they Love Sutton more than they do her. While Dancing with Dad, Emma feels nervous to try and Remember how to dance so she doesn't screw things up. Ethan is watching them dance by the door and he seems Happy but Laurel sees him staring at Sutton and she thinks now that they are in a Relationship together. Mad's Dad and Madison were dancing together when Mad's Dad found out that she was using his money to send to her brother Thayer. He got mad at her and they went outside to talk. Emma walks outside to find them Arguing she Interrupts him to say she is Sorry but he starts to Blame her for Thayer leaving and says she is bad. Ethan Sees what Mad's Dad is doing to her so Ethan tries and stops him when Mad's Dad hits Ethan!
Sutton Dad finds out what Happen and is Upset with him. I am Glad Ethan is Standing up for Emma! someone should... After the Party is over Emma finally gets a hold of Sutton and Rushes to the Computer with Ethan to talk to her. Sutton finally knows that Ethan knows about the Switch. Ethan is mad at Sutton for not telling him. Well I thought she got kidnapped but Glad she is okay. Sutton says she was suppose to meet their Real Mom at the Pier but she never showed up. Sutton tells Emma she needs a few more days to get more information. When done talking to Sutton, Sutton Parents catch Emma and Ethan together in her room! Laurel tells them That Sutton is seeing Ethan. Dang Laurel don't Screw things up for Emma and Ethan. At the End it shows Mad's Dad talking to a Guy and he hands him Sutton's Laptop!! What does Mad's Dad want with Sutton's Laptop. Now I really don't trust him!!!
Pictures at the Father Daughter Dance:

Drama Recap:
Laurel catches Ethan and Emma talking. Ethan teaches Emma to dance. Emma told off Char Mom because Char Mom was being to harsh to Char. Sutton's Mom answers Emma phone. Mad's Dad hits Ethan. Emma Finally gets a Hold of Sutton. Thayer is helping Sutton. Laurel tells her Parents that Sutton and Ethan are dating. Sutton's parents Catch Emma and Ethan together. Emma tells Ethan Dad that she is not Sutton but he doesn't believe her. Mad's Dad gets a hold of Sutton's Laptop.

Favorite Quote:
"I don't do Dresses"-Ethan

Favorite Hottie:
Again Ethan is My Favorite Hottie! He is a Bad Boy but he is also Sweet and I really hope that him and Emma get together. 

Least Trustworthy Person:
Mad's Dad I don't trust at all. He got Sutton's Laptop now! No telling what he is gonna do once he knows that Sutton has a Twin and that Emma took Sutton Place. He scares me.

Best Dressed:
I Love Laurel's Dress! It fits perfectly on her.

CES <3

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  1. I really liked this episode too! The show is getting really good!