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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Lying Game "Pilot" Recap 08/15/2011

Hey! So I figured out that I love to Recap on shows and let everyone know how I felt about them. So to get this out of the Way I haven't read the Books Yet. I heard about a Show coming on that was written by Sara Shepard and Since I am Obsessed with Pretty Little Liars I had to watch this Show. This is the 1st Episode of The Lying Game.
It's about Two Identical Twin Sisters that some how when they were born got separated from each other. The Girls have no Idea what had made them get separated or what happen to their Parents. Time for the Girls to start digging for answers, Fight for what they Believe in, and it's all about A Lie that may make or break them.

Sutton grew up in a Wealthy and loving Family that took her in when she was a baby. She can have Anything she Desires and More. She can be a Complicated person at times but Sutton Knows what She wants and will stop at nothing to get that. The thing Sutton wants most is to find out what had Happen to her and Emma Parents. She is Surrounded by Friends and  even Guys that Love her. She is known by Almost Everyone. Sutton was taken by Luke but was Secretly dating Ethan. Sutton was the one who found Emma. When Sutton and Emma meet Face to Face, Sutton gets Emma to switch Places with her so that Sutton can go on a Quest to find what really Happen to their Parents.
Emma growing up had a pretty Rough Life. She grew up in the Foster Care System. Emma grew up living with other Foster Care People and had to deal with people that she really didn't want to deal with. Emma soon gets the Cops called on her because one of the Other Foster Care people blamed Emma for stealing out of her Foster Care Mothers purse. So Emma leaves by Hitting and Escaping her way from that Place to going where Sutton lives. When she Meets Sutton face to Face Emma can't believe that they look alike. Sutton convinces Emma to trade Places with her for only a Couple of days. Emma tries to fit into Sutton's Perfect life and still dealing with the Cops being after her.
This is Sutton's Step Parents that took her in when she was a Baby. They seem to have a Perfect life together but are they Hiding something from Sutton? They only want what is best for Sutton. Although Sutton's Parents yet know that Emma took Sutton place as her. They start to wonder why is their daughter acting weird but they just think it was Paris that help their Daughter understand things. But will they soon find out that Emma is acting like Sutton? What will their Reactions be? I wonder what they will think when they finally meet the Real Emma. I just hope they give her a Chance because Emma has been through a lot and she really does deserve to be happy and be Loved. Don't you think the Same too?
On the Left is Emma and on the Right is Laurel (Sutton's Step Sister). Sutton was first of the Family that was Adopted but Laurel is not Adopted. They grew up together not on the Best of Terms. Sutton always did not like Laurel. When Emma takes Sutton Place Laurel is seeing a Different side of "Sutton". She knows that something might not be adding up right about why Sutton is treating her Differently but Laurel doesn't know that Emma took Sutton's Place. Will Emma reveal the Truth to Laurel or will She find out on her Own? I am Interest on how Emma and Laurel will get along and How their Relationship will be different from Sutton and Laurel not so Tight Bonding.
Ethan is a "Bad Boy" Who is a Son of the Local Police Officer. He was Secretly dating Sutton. When Emma arrives to take Sutton place, Ethan knows something is up because "Sutton" accuses him of Stalking her. When Ethan kisses the Fake Sutton he knows that something isn't right. All It Takes is A Kiss.... So Emma finally comes Clean to Ethan and lets him know what has been going on and what Sutton is Up to. Ethan is going to help Emma to keep everyone Still thinking that she is Sutton. He seems like a Loyal Guy. But will Ethan start developing Feelings for Emma? It seems that they will get to spend more time together and soon they will get to know the Real truth about each other. What will Sutton think once she Knows that Ethan knows of the Switch?
Nisha is Sutton's Rival. She is a Star Tennis Player and Love a Challenge. She is always trying to be on Top and Be Head Queen Bitch. On the Tennis Court she Battles Sutton who she says Is a NOT so good Tennis Player but when she Battles Emma she has met her Match. After the Match with Nisha, Emma catches Sutton's boyfriend cheating with Nisha. She catches them Making out. Later at a Party Emma hits Nisha for her saying that She was Unwanted and not Loved. I can tell that these two won't get along well. Maybe Nisha will finally lose at a Battle of trying to be ahead of Sutton. What will Nisha do next to Surprise us? Will she and Emma get into more Fights?

Drama Recap:
Sutton and Emma trade Places and Sutton searches for Answers. Emma kisses Luke and Then Catches him cheating on Sutton with Nisha. Emma Battles Nisha on the Tennis Court. At a Party Emma as "Sutton" Breaks up with Luke and Hits Nisha. Ethan who was secretly dating Sutton found out about Emma. Sutton doesn't show up at the Cabin. Ethan is going to Help Emma find Sutton and Keep People from knowing that Emma is not Sutton. Someone breaks into Sutton's room and Steals the Laptop. The Laptop has information about Sutton's secrets and Probably information on Emma and Sutton's real Parents.

Favorite Quote:
"You got the Smart half of the Embryo didn't You?"-Sutton

Favorite Hottie:
Even though Ethan is a Bad Boy, I just Love Him:) He has a Edgy feel to him but the other side of him is Sweet.

Least Trustworthy Person:
Sorry But I don't trust Nisha. No telling what this girl is capable of doing. She already got Emma to hate her and Emma has only been in that Town for Two Days. At that Party Nisha did deserved to get Slap by Emma.

Best Dressed:
Emma as Being Sutton at School she totally rocked out in Sutton's Clothes. I love how she made her outfit look Edgy but Classy.

*So I Hope You Enjoyed this and Watch The Lying Game every Monday night on ABC Family*

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  3. I just started wastching the show! Thanks for the suggestion!