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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pretty Little Liars "Touched by A-ngel" 08/16/2011

Hey! Pretty Little Liars is almost coming to an end for the Summer Finale. This was Episode 10. If I am Right there are two more left. So Starting out Emily and Aria were in the Cafeteria when Emily told Aria about Jason taking Pictures of her while she is Sleeping! Creepy??!! Well then Aria tells Emily that Jason Kissed her and When Spencer shows up at the Table Spencer is Freaking out by what Emily tells her about Aria and Jason. Should Aria Give Jason a Chance OR Should she just Stay away from Him?
Aria wants to find out on her Own so She confronts Jason about what she heard to find out the Truth. When she talks to Jason and tells him what she Heard Jason tells her that Alison took those Pictures of her. Why would Alison do that?? Aria believes him and He gives her a Picture of her that was taken by Ali. Later at School Aria sees Ezra with His ex Jackie helping him set up for the College Fair. Aria is not so Happy to be seeing them together. Aria Later tells Ezra she is Worried about their Relationship and That she Kissed Jason! At the Hastings House Spencer was going through Ian things when Toby showed up asking her why wasn't she at School. While Going through things Toby finds an old Yearbook. Spencer and Toby goes through it and sees Ian Picture. Spencer knows all the Clubs but is Shocked not knowing what N.A.T Club is and why hasn't she heard of it before. Going through the rest of the Yearbook to see who else was in the Club Spencer and Toby finds out that also Jason and Garrett were in the Club too. But what Does N.A.T stand For? Well in English it means WE SEE ALL. So was They the Ones that Video Taped the Girls? Spencer is now thinking that Jason might have Killed Alison. Next Hanna took Mona with her to find a Dress for her Dad Wedding. Hanna was shocked when She saw Kate her Step-Sister coming through the Door.
Hanna Introduces Kate to Mona and Kate asks the girls if they Wanna hang out Later. Hanna says No but Mona insist that they go so Hanna can become friends with Kate. Hanna is Surprised when Kate invites them to go Horse back Riding. Mona lied and Says she knew how but Somehow Hanna and Mona ends up losing their Horse and Hanna starts arguing with Mona. Back at the Room by the Stables, Hanna is taking off her boots and Telling Mona that Kate is a Bitch and Rather careless about her but Hanna finds out that Kate overheard the Whole Convo. Uh Oh Guess Hanna and Kate won't become friends any time soon. Later Kate calls and Says Welcome to the Family and that Kate is coming after Hanna. Let the Battle of Hanna and Kate begin....
 Spencer is Worried about Aria so She decides to get Help from Ezra to convince him that Jason is Dangerous. Ezra is Shocked to know that Spencer knows about the Relationship. While in the Car with Ezra, Aria Mom Ella sees and Thinks that Spencer is in a Relationship with Ezra!! LOL. Back at the Hastings House Spencer is Surprised to see Jenna waiting for her. Jenna wants the Girls to stop worrying so much and to Stop meddling with stuff that they Shouldn't. Jenna also Knows that Toby is helping Spencer find more out about Ian and Jason. Spencer tells Jenna to leave but before she does she tells Jenna to say Hey to Garrett!! I loved Spencer face when she did that. At School Hanna gives Emily a Free Massage Pass so Emily can try and Relax. Emily Takes it and Goes to the Massage place, The Lady can tell that this was Emily first time. She tells Emily to lay down when she is good and ready to.
When Emily lays down she feels Hands massaging her and she says it feels good but when it's over and a Lady walks in to Say Sorry she was Late Emily starts freaking out. She looks around and Notice A left it's Mark on a Glass cup. A had it's hands on Emily Neck!! I would have been having a Panic Attack if that was me in Emily's Situation. Aria was at Jason House, Jason went to get a Box for Aria to have and when he left Ezra showed up! Ezra said that He doesn't like Jason and that He doesn't want to lose Aria. They Start to kiss and when they do Jason sees them! Another person to add to the List of People that Know about Aria and Ezra. What will She do? Who will she Pick?
Jenna thinks it's time to talk to Jason and Make sure he knows their deal. Garrett goes over to his House to make sure that everything is okay between them and that he is holding his side of the Deal. What is going on with Jenna, Garrett, and Jason? What is the "Jason Thing"? I wonder if Jason killed Alison or not. It's kinda hard to tell right now but Hopefully the next Episode will help us. At the End of this Episode A goes to see the Therapist. She knows who it is!!! I wonder though if the Therapist is next to get the Axe. In next Episode the girls tell the Therapist about A and how A has ruin their Lives. Do you think the Girls made a Bad Decision to Tell her OR that the Girls Should because it's time to Fight back against A?

A's Message:
"The Weak link is the Easiest to Break, Snapping Yet?"-A

Favorite Quote:
"Sometimes you have to Hurt someone to Help them"-Spencer

Favorite Hottie:
I Love Ezra!! He could be my Hot Teacher Anytime:) I don't Blame Aria for going after him but she better not lose him!!!

Best Dressed:
I was Shocked that I found another Outfit that I liked of Spencer's.  I Loved how she wore Denim. I thought she wouldn't pull it all together but she did. I Love her Shirt!!
Shirt: Urban Renewal
Pants: BDG
Belt: Work Duds

Couple Update:
Hanna and Caleb- Sadly Caleb is still not back from Visiting his real Mom. You can Tell Hanna really misses him.
Aria and Ezra- Aria is Worried that Ezra is Spending too much time with Jackie. Ezra is Worried about Jason being around Aria and that He doesn't want to lose her.
Emily and ?- Poor Emily :( I feel bad that she can't have a Stable Relationship. She needs Love in her Life too!!!
Spencer and Toby- Seems they are still going Strong. But will Jenna break them Up? Lets Hope not...

CES <3

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