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Friday, August 5, 2011

Brands that ARE Animal Tested and NOT Animal Tested!!

Hey! So sorry for not updating like I try to do but my health hasn't been that good lately. Anyways I came across this Website that talks about what Beauty Brands Test on Animals and Who doesn't. I didn't know a lot about what Brands that didn't so I know there might be some people out there that wants to know what is Safe and not Tested on Animals. So I am gonna share this with You!
** Animals should not be TESTED for Beauty Products!!!!!!**

Brands that Test on Animals:
1. Aveeno
2. Banana Boat
3. Clean n Clear
4. Clearasil
5. Coppertone
6. Cover Girl- Sadly it does and I use this Brand :(
7. Dove
8. Neutrogena 
9. Vaseline
10. Olay

Brands That Don't Test on Animals:
1. Ahava
2. Almay
3. Aveda 
4. Benefit
5. Blistex
6. Bobbi Brown
7. Burt's Bees
8. Chanel
9. Clarins
10. ELF Cosmetics
11. Elizabeth Arden
12. Estee Lauder
13. Hard Candy
14. Lush
15. MAC
16. Mary Kay
17. NYC
18. NARS
19. NYX
20. Origins
21. Physicians Formula 
22. Revlon
23. Rimmel
24. Sally Hansen
25. Wet N Wild

Credit: All Credit goes to- http://www.beautypedia.com/AnimalTesting.aspx Go Here To find out more about other Products and Brands!!!

*Hope You Liked this and It helped you out!*

CES <3

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