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Monday, August 22, 2011

My Thoughts for going Back to School!

Hey! So today was my Fall semester at My College and it was a little Stressful. I had 3 Classes today: Infant and Toddlers, Freshman Comp. English, and Sociology. I will be doing a Vlog on First week of School and Outfits that I wore each day. I think lately I just been freaking out because last week I went back to work and now I have to balance Work and School. I did it before but my College Courses this Semester are gonna be harder than Last Semester. I am just trying to stay Positive and not worry so much. I still didn't get my Books yet and my Teachers already have given us Assignments. It's kinda Frustrating because my Financial aid money doesn't come in till September. It makes me FREAKING MAD when they give you your Financial aid so late when they know you Have to get books for Classes. I really don't understand it at all. Anyways my Teachers are pretty good and are Really Passionate about what they Teach which I love. I mean you do have to Love what you do in order to really Teach others about a Subject don't You think?
This Semester I have to do 32 hours of Observing Children and 3 Hours of Volunteer Service.
Tomorrow I have one class for the day which I am glad. I take Math tomorrow at 8am. I am also going to Bookstore to try and get my books for my Classes so I won't fall behind. At 3:45pm I go to work, so Tomorrow is gonna be a Busy day.

*So Down below Tell me How Your First day went! I would love to hear your Thoughts*

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  1. I still have about 2 weeks left before I go back!GOOD LUCK.YOU HAVE A BUSY DAY

  2. Thanks girl! And Good Luck to you too:)