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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pretty Little Liars "Save The Date" 08/2/2011

Hey! Time for another Recap of my Favorite Show Pretty Little Liars. This is Episode 8. So it starts out with the Girls discussing Garrett and How he is connected to Jenna. The Girls Spy on Garrett and see him going into Jenna House and They peek through a window and see Jenna and Garrett together.
So Now that the Girls know, What will they do about it? At Spencer house there is a Knock on the Door and it is Wren! Spencer found out that he is now working at the Hospital in town and When Wren asked to drive her to school and to get Coffee Spencer Told him she is Taken and asked If he was really here to see her and not Melissa. Could Wren come between Spencer and Toby? At Hollis College Ezra showed up in the Art Room to surprise Aria. When Aria talks about her Brother and Mentions Jason, Ezra asked Aria if He should be worried about them Two. Well Should He? Emily has been feeling a lot of Pain lately because she is training harder than ever to get the Scholarship. When she is at School her Dad shows up to Surprise her saying he is coming to her meet. But after He leaves Emily Develops more pain and Collapses to the Ground and rushed to the Hospital.
Emily thinks that she is getting Muscle Pain because of all the Training but it's more than she thought. The doctors tell her that she has a Ulcer in her Stomach and Once the Girls found out they come to see her. When Garrett talks to Jenna he tells her that He thinks the Girls know about them two. Jenna tells him that they need to take care of it as soon as they can. So what does this mean for the Girls? Emily is already in the Hospital. When Emily gets food to eat at the Hospital Emily is Surprised by what she sees. Emily got a message from A that says "Hey Em some Cream with your Coffee?" So now we Know A did something to Emily she already did something to Hanna. Wren comes to Visit Emily and Tells her She will be okay but something else makes Emily scared. Wren tells Emily that they found something in her Blood Stream.
They found HGH which is Steroids in her Blood Stream and Emily tells him she swears she didn't take any of that. Emily is Scared that they will Never let her Swim again and she will be Forced to go to Texas.
At Hanna House Hanna Dad is talking with Her Mom and something is going on between them. Ashley Knows their relationship will never be the same and asks Him to go back to his wife. She knows he will never know what he wants and she doesn't need that and so does Hanna. When Hanna gets Home to see Her Dad not there Hanna asked her Mom what happen and Hanna mom Explains what she told Hanna Dad. Hanna is Upset because she thought Hanna Dad will come back to her Mom. It doesn't seem like that is gonna happen now. When Hanna is at School Hanna sees A Car Following Caleb and Hanna is worried.
When Hanna tries to talk to Caleb, he Gets Angry at her and Tells her to Leave it alone. Hanna Doesn't and She finds the Car again later and walks up to the Guy in the car and Tells Him that Caleb knows who he is and that He is not leaving again. But Hanna doesn't really know who this Guy is until next Episode. Back at the Hospital Spencer wants to know What really Happen to Alison so she and Aria do a little Investigation on their Own. Spencer and Aria dress up as Volunteers and goes to the Morgue to find Alison Autopsy. When they Find the Autopsy Spencer goes through it to see what was used as the Murder Weapon. Spencer thinks it was the Hockey Stick that her Dad Burned. Spencer and Aria Grab the Papers to go show Emily what they found.
They look at a Photo of her Skull to find out what it put a Dent in her Skull but that's not what killed her. When they look at the Summary they found out that Alison was buried Alive and that's what Killed her. The Girls though are Wondering what Happen to Page 5 because it is missing. Could A Have taken it? What is in Page 5? The Girls need to find out more information in order to know if it was a Boy or a girl that Killed Ali and Who. But if they keep this up They could be next to end up in the Hospital. At the End of Episode it showed Someone Playing like they were Dead in the Morgue Could it be A? What do you think will happen next? Hopefully we will find out more about Alison Death and about "Jason Thing".

Favorite Quote:
"Please Jenna can't hear Us she is Blind"-Hanna

Favorite Hottie:
Wren is so Sexy! He looks good in a Doctor Uniform:)

Best Dressed:
I Love Aria Dress!!

Couple Update:
Hanna and Caleb- Hanna is still worried about Caleb and really more now that someone is Following Caleb.
Aria and Ezra- It seems that Ezra is worried about Aria and Jason. Should He be Worried?
Emily and Samara- Samara wasn't in this Episode but I wonder if Emily will get closer to her.
Spencer and Toby- Toby wasn't in this Episode:(

CES <3

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