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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pretty Little Liars "I must Confess" 08/23/2011

Hey! Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale is next week!! Can't believe it's almost here. This was Episode 11. It starts off where Hanna and Emily are in beds sleeping but Emily couldn't sleep. Emily soon Disappears and Hanna calls over the other Girls to figure out where Emily went. While the Girls are talking the Girls check Emily phone and sees a message From A with a Picture of Aria and Ezra. Aria believes though that Emily won't tell her mom but what Spencer says is funny. I love what she says!!
Credit of Picture goes to Prettylittleliarss. Anyways I was just laughing when she said this. When Emily finally shows up at Dr.Sullivan's office Spencer, Hanna and Aria are already there waiting for her. The girls are worried about Emily but Emily told them that they shouldn't worry. The Girls finally tell Dr.Sullivan about A! Do you think that was a Bad move? At Aria House her Parents are still arguing on what to do with Mike. Aria is done with all the Lies and she sees Mike upset in his room after He hurt Ella wrist. He asks Aria if he will be okay and she hugs him. I hope Mike is gonna be okay! Then we see Mike walk down stairs to his Family and they just look at him. Hanna Grandma is in town and Tells Hanna Mom that she should go after Tom but Ashley Marin doesn't want to. I love Hanna Grandma in this Episode! She doesn't want her son to marry Isabel.  At school Toby says that he wants to help Spencer find out more on Jenna and Garrett but Spencer doesn't want him to get involved.
Dr.Sullivan shows up at school to do a School Presentation on Bullying. Her words are very true when she says that Bullies are powerful now and really they have more powerful weapons. I think that this Message was good because people should know that Bullying can really hurt people. Hanna thought though that Dr.Sullivan was only making things worse but I think that Dr.Sullivan can really help the girls out. But now A is after her and she needs to watch her Back. So guess what guys....MAYA is back in town. She has been for about two weeks and Emily contacts her for them to sit down and talk to each other. When Maya shows up Emily was smiling and being happy. We hadn't seen Emily happy in a while. But will Emily and Maya get back together? Emily deserves to be Loved! So Spencer and Toby were making out in his Truck when Toby thought he seen something then Spencer did too. Spencer decided that enough was enough so she walked up to Jason House when her Dad came out of Jason's House! Spencer was shocked to see him and was wondering what was he doing in Jason House.
Spencer and Her Dad start to argue when Toby gets into it saying Spencer has a right to know whats been going on. Spencer Dad starts arguing with Toby and Tells him to leave but Spencer leaves with him too. When Spencer gets into the Truck Spencer's Dad tries and stops her. At the Rehearsal Wedding Hanna and Kate are suppose to do the Speech together. While waiting Kate gets Hanna drunk and Hanna thinks that Kate is drunk too. Well Kate ask Hanna if she wanted to see the Wedding dress and Hanna says Yes. Hanna Loves the dress but you can tell by this time that Hanna is drunk. Hanna not really knowing what she is doing grabs the Dress and starts to twirl around with it.
Well all of the sudden Hanna starts feeling sick and she throws up on the Wedding dress! Kate walks in and sees Hanna doing it and Kate is just Smiling. Ugh I Hate Kate!!! Well Hanna Dad walks in with her Grandma and asks if Hanna is okay and He sees that she is Drunk. He also Notice that Hanna threw up on the Dress. Hanna Dad is furious with her but her Grandma is not. Her Grandma tries and comfort her. After Hanna Dad leaves Kate walks in and Hanna Grandma goes threw her purse and Found out Kate wasn't drunk at all she tricked Hanna. Kate got into Hanna Grandma face and Hanna says that she is gonna make Kate be in a world of Pain. I hope so Kate deserves it!! So at the end of this Episode Dr.Sullivan finds out who A is and Calls Emily to tell her to get the Girls over to her Office. When the Girls arrive Dr.Sullivan is no where to be found. A sends them a Message saying "Doctor is out". So Is she Dead?

Alison Flashback:
Alison was at Hanna house talking to Hanna Grandma and the Girls. Alison was asking Hanna Grandma that if she would ever disown any of her children. Alison was also talking about If someone stole a Family heirloom and using that money to get drugs would she disown them then. So Was Alison talking about Jason?

A Message:
"Doctor is Out"-A

Favorite Quote:
"Just Assume it's Spencer Ya know Sluttin it up"-Spencer

Favorite Hottie:
Yea I know he is creepy and all but He is Hot!

Best Dressed:
I Love Hanna Outfit! 
Dress: Myne
Shoes: Coach
Belt: Betsy Johnson

Couple Update:
Hanna and Caleb- Even though he is still gone at least he is talking with Hanna on the Phone and she seemed really Happy.
Aria and Ezra- No Ezra in this Episode:(
Emily and ?- Maya is back in town! Emily and Maya went out for dinner and talked about what has been going on and that Emily is not afraid anymore. But will Maya and Emily get back together?
Spencer and Toby- Some Hot action happen between Spencer and Toby in his Truck. I think soon their Relationship is gonna be tested though.

CES <3

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