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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Vlog of the Week that Past #5+What I Wore to College!

Hey! So this Sunday Vlog is gonna be a little different because when I talk about each day I will also show you the outfits that I wore to School.

Monday 22nd:
Shirt: Can't remember! Sorry
Pants: 579
Necklace: Earth Bound
Shoes: Payless
Nail Polish: NYC Long Wearing Empire State Blue

So Today I had three Classes. I had Infant and Toddlers from 9:35am to 12:30pm. I went home to eat and just relax then I had English from 2:30 to 3:55pm. My Last class of the Day was Sociology from 6 to 9pm. In each Class all we did is go over rules and what the Course would be like.

Tuesday 23rd:
Shirt: Body Central
Pants: Walmart

Shoes: American Eagle

I had only One Class today and that was Math at 8am to 9:20am. Afterwards I had to work today. I worked from 3:45 to 10pm which I hate working at Night! I had creepy guys trying to ask me out. But I do have to do both Work and School. It's taking me a while to get used to being back on my regular schedule. I know after work I was so Tired!!

Wednesday 24th:

Shirt: Walmart
Pants: 579

So Today I was off from work! I had English Class at 2:30 to 3:55pm. Then I just came home to relax. I had Child Growth and Development at 6 to 9pm.

Thursday 25th: So today I only had one class which was Math again. The rest of the day I had off. But at 6pm I went to a Mandatory Lab Orientation which I didn't need but I had to go to. There was so many people in One little small Class room.

Friday 26th: On fridays I have no Classes. I worked 2pm to 10pm :( My Feet was killing me. Being back to work has really got me Tired all the time now. I wish I could just work on the Weekends but I can't.

Saturday 27th: Today I had to work 8:30am to 5pm. Ugh Where has my sleep gone to? I feel like I never get sleep anymore plus I am Not a Morning person. After I got off I got me a new Haircut which was just a Trim and my Bangs are a little Shorter. I needed one because I am trying to re-grow my hair out long again because I miss it. Then I went shopping and bought Revlon Grow Lustrous Mascara, Sally Hansen Crackle coat in Fuchsia Shock, and the Infanti Conair U Curl lol if I said it right. But I am thinking once I tried these out I will do a Possible Review on them.

Sunday 28th: So Today I didn't feel like getting out of bed but I had to be at work at 9:15am. So When I did woke up my Mom made Breakfast so I just made me a Bacon Sandwhich. Then I went to work and I got off at 3:15pm. When I got home today I had to write notes for Infant and Toddlers, English, and Sociology.

So Yea this is it! Comment below if you want more Outfit of the Days and if you would like me to do a Review on the Products I mention in Saturday.

CES <3


  1. I like the outfit of the week kind of posts! The first pair of shoes are so cute! You should do a post on whether you like your new mascara!


  2. Thanks girl I'm gonna try and do more post like these when I can. I love the Revlon Grow Lustrous Mascara. I will do a post on it soon!