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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pretty Little Liars "Picture This" 08/9/2011

Hey! Another Recap to discuss on Pretty Little Liars. This is Episode 9. So Emily, Spencer and Hanna were at the Hospital trying to find the Missing Page of Alison Autopsy. When Emily told Spencer to hurry they run into Jenna talking to a Nurse about Seeing Again!! Uh Oh What will the Girls think about this?? While dealing with this Aria can not stop dreaming about Jason.
With Ezra not knowing about Aria spending more time with Jason, Will he find out on his Own? Aria is thinking these feelings will go away but with them spending time together I don't think it will. When Jason arrives in Aria house she is shocked to see him there and makes up a lie so He can leave. Later though Aria runs into Jason and he Confesses How he feels about her and even Kisses her!! Aria is shocked and tells him that she is Taken. What will happen next between Them??
Spencer is sneaking around and Finds Jason telling another guy that NO one can't go into the Shed. Spencer starts to wonder what is in that Shed that He doesn't want us to see. For the Ezria Fans Aria goes to Ezra Office and Tells him that they need some more Alone time together and Puts a Chair in front of his Door. Aria and Ezra start making out and heads to the couch for more "Fun" but is she just doing this to get Jason out of her head? At Hanna House Emily invites some friends over to the House and she asked Ashley Marin and it was okay just no girls in her room.
When all seems to be going well A sends Emily a Text saying "If Zoey leaves without Your digits Your test results go Viral" Emily doesn't like this because this could mess things up with Her and Samara. When A sends another text saying "Tick Tock" Emily gives Zoey her number but another girl saw and tells Samara about it. When Emily and Samara meet up again Samara is Upset with Emily and tells her that They can't be together and if Emily was just doing this just because Samara brought another girl to the Fashion Show. Will Emily and Samara work through their problems or will A win this one??
When Hanna catches up with Caleb talking to a guy she asks him who that was and Caleb tells her That was a Private Investigation that his Real Mom did to find him. When Hanna asks if he will talk to his Real Mom Caleb doesn't want to meet her.
Hanna feels that Caleb should give his Mom a Chance to explain everything. When Caleb thinks about it he tells Hanna that he talked to his Mom and she wants him to visit. Caleb tells Hanna that he is Leaving Rosewood. Caleb and Hanna start to cry not knowing what will Happen to their Relationship. It even made me Cry!! Caleb said he will be back only to see her. When Caleb is leaving Hanna tells Caleb she loves him and he says it back. I hope Caleb does return back to Rosewood....
At Hastings House Spencer hurries her Mom out of the House so Spencer and Emily can see whats inside Jason Shed. When They go over to the Shed Spencer finds the Key and Opens it. They are Surprised when they see Pictures of Aria Sleeping!! Is Jason that Creepy? Why does he have Pictures of her?
When Spencer and Emily are in the Shed they are Rushed to get out when they Here Jason and a Flashlight is left in the Shed. Jason Padlocks his Shed and When Spencer and Emily come back they are shocked to see the Pictures are gone and the Flashlight is in the Middle of the Floor. Spencer and Emily try to Contact Aria to let her know Jason can not be trusted but they Can't reach her! Once the Girls tell Aria will she believe them and will she stay away from Jason? Will Ezra have to step in to find out the Truth? How will A strike next and will A keep messing with Emily until Emily Cracks? A Has already messed with Hanna by putting her into the Hospital, Spencer by almost getting killed in the Tower, Now is Emily next or Aria?

Favorite Quote:
"Your Playing with Fire"-Emily

Favorite Hottie:
Ezra is so Sexy! Even with his Shirt off in this Episode:)

Best Dressed:
Love Hanna Outfit! 
Jacket: Bebe
Shirt: Joie
Jeans: Bebe
Boots: Guess

Couple Update:
Hanna and Caleb- Caleb real Mom is looking for him and when Caleb thinks about if he wants to talk to her Hanna gives him advice that he should give her a Chance. Caleb then Tells Hanna he is Leaving Rosewood for awhile so he can meet up with his Mom. Will Caleb and Hanna stay Together?
Emily and Samara- Emily gave another girl a Number because A threatened her. Samara found out and told Emily they can't be together. Will they Make Up?
Aria and Ezra- Aria has been having a lot of Dreams about Jason Lately. They are spending more time together. Jason tells her how he feels about her and He Kisses her!! But Aria tells him she is Taken. Will Ezra find out about this?
Spencer and Toby- Sadly again Toby wasn't in this Episode.


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