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Saturday, July 6, 2013

I am a Reddish Blonde!!!!

Hey everyone so today I decided to dye my hair since Chloe left with Josh parents for a little bit. The dye I am using is Loreal Paris and it's a Golden Blonde shade. My hair already had blonde in it but the top of my hair was brown with red that's why the end product came out reddish blonde.

This picture is showing you a before of how my hair looked to what it looks like now.

This is a better look of how my hair was before I dyed it. I had a ombre in my hair that's why it is dark on top. Ignore the way it looks here I kinda hate how long it is now. I really want to cut it short but trying not to.

This is the end product. It came out a reddish blonde because of the red I had in my hair before I dyed it.

And here are just more pictures so you can see the color better.....

Here is how the top of my hair came out.

*This is how my hair came out after I dyed it. I plan to buy the John Frieda Blonde shampoo to help fix the red.*

CES <3

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