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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Venting/Rant: Being engaged to a Marine

Hey so things have been really difficult lately.... I had my daughter almost 3 weeks ago and Josh hasn't been able to see her unless we use Tango which is a video chat like Skype.

Anyways I thought the main reason why he couldn't come down was because of Korea... If you don't know Korea is from what I heard producing mass weapons and so the officers won't let Josh come down. Well I just found out that is not even half of why he can't come down...

Update: Josh is still stationed in Hawaii

I just found out from his ex that he can't come down because he is still dealing with a divorce. It's a long story.............

They said it was for his protection why he can't come down and see his daughter. It's BS if I must say.

Now this is the only way I can let out my frustration.

Sometimes it's hard being engaged to a marine and even harder to be in a long distance relationship.

I am really over this situation of what happened and I really want this to be behind us.... It needs to be approved. It still hangs over me what had happen to me in the past. I should let it go but it's hard when I have a daughter who needs to bond with her father.

I also wish our communication was better. I think that's the main issue in our relationship. Honesty needs to be the key. I just really hate finding out information from other people.... It shouldn't be like that. But me and him are trying to work on that.

I just want a life with him and my daughter..... I don't know when exactly I will ever get that.

I still have college to get through and he is still having a divorce to get through.

Advice: Don't ever cheat

I love my fiance so much and we been through a lot more than some people know. Just wish it wasn't so hard right now.

MY RANT Is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

CES <3

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