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Friday, March 22, 2013

Labor and Delivery Story: March 10, 2013

Hey everyone I been meaning to put this up and I finally have the time. So with my story I am going to start at 36 weeks because that's when I started to have irregular contractions and that's when I found out she was breeched.

Around 35 to 36 weeks I started to have irregular contractions that would come and go. The pain was mostly in my lower back where it would tighten up. At 36 weeks I went for a Ultrasound and I found out that Chloe was breeched. Her head was by my right rib. The doctor also found out that I had a heart shaped uterus which is shaped differently than other women.

At 38 weeks I started to have major pain in my back and I was very miserable all the time. On Sunday at 4am I started to have contractions that were 7 to 8 minutes apart. The pain was in my lower back and in my lower stomach. I was so uncomfortable that I couldn't even walk that good. My mom decided to take me to Labor and Delivery around 11am. When I arrive they hook me up to monitors and check my cervix. When the nurse check my cervix I was 1cm dialated and I was having contractions that gotten so worse. They kept me for a couple more hours of observation and the pain started to get really worse. When the nurse came back in she decided to check me again and I was at 2cm dialated and she ordered a ultrasound to make sure Chloe was still breech. The nurse went to talk to the doctor and they agreed that a c-section was best. I had the c-section at 5:54pm on Sunday March 10. My mom and my fiance mom was in the surgery room with me, the doctor allowed me to have two people come into the room with me. The surgery went by so quickly and soon my daughter was born.

Chloe Ann
6 pounds and 7 ounces
19 inches long

CES <3

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