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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pretty Little Liars Quick Recap "Out of Sight, Out of Mind"

Hey Pretty Little Liar Fans, Sorry I haven't done any recaps lately to this show but this episode was so intense that I decided to do a recap discussing my thoughts on the episode titled "Out of Sight, Out of Mind."

  • Spencer tells Emily and Aria that She knows who is helping A and it is revealed that it is Toby!!
  • Emily plays detective as she doesn't believe Toby is A
  • Hanna's Mom thought she seen Detective Wilden in town
  • E Lamb is what Toby used as his name to get in and out of Radley
  • "Someone close to you will pay for your loose lips"
  • Spencer tells Mona to not hurt her friends or Mona will be very sorry
  • Aria spends more time with Ezra son and ends up with him going to the hospital
  • Spencer finds out that Emily is the next target and tells her to stop looking for Toby
  • Detective Wilden police car ends up in the Marins garage
  • Hanna and Aria sink the Wilden car in the lake
  • Emily gets a text from Toby to meet up alone but when she gets there she sees "Big A" dressed in the red coat
  • "Toby is gone"
  • Aria questions her relationship with Ezra
  • Spencer follows Mona into a forest
  • Spencer discovers Toby body and Mona saying "Toby is Dead"
  • Spencer has officially lost her mind and ends up in Radley
This episode was crazy in the fact that Toby might be dead and we still don't know if Wilden is dead or not. Spencer has officially lost it and now finds her self in Radley which will let us see what Mona did in there and if Spencer can find answers to what happened in Radley. Will Aria be with Ezra or she is not ready to be a Mom yet? I think Aria should be with Wesley because she is starting to realize that she might need to date someone her own age. So will Emily finally get the answers she wants about Toby or will it cause her more trouble? Toby was being A for a reason and hopefully we will find out why soon.

CES <3

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