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Monday, February 4, 2013

Vent/Rant: Being Judged on Looks

   Hey everyone today I have a topic that I wanted to discuss with ya'll because everyday I am getting judged on my looks. It's mostly my face that has everyone judging me and the reason for that is because my face makes me look younger than I actually am. It all started when I started working because I would get customers that would come through my line making jokes about the way I look. At first I just tried to ignore it and be happy that when I get older I won't look old for my age. It lasted for about 3 years of working there of being judge and after I quit for different reasons I thought it was over. Well once I became pregnant the judging started up again because I would get dirty looks from people. People thought that I was 16 and pregnant when in reality I am 20. It's just annoying me that people judge you on your looks when they have no idea who you are. It just upsets me to go somewhere and have someone stare and laugh at you because they think you are much younger than you look. I try not to get upset while being pregnant but sometimes it's really hard when you are being judge for being pregnant. I am 20 years old, College Student, and dealing with health issues. I am just tired of people judging others on the way they look instead of actually knowing who they are as a person. I just don't feel like I should put on makeup everyday when I go out just so people won't judge me about my looks and about me being pregnant.

How old am I? I am 20 years old.
How old do other people think I am? 16 years old.


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