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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Gossip Girl Season 1 and 2 Recap (My Current Addiction)

Hey everyone!
So I am a little late on starting this series as it is already over but I heard great reviews and thought I should see for my self how good it is. Since starting this series I am addicted to it!!! Of course like everyone else I ship Chuck and Blair <3

Since this is my current addiction I thought I would do a recap on this show starting with Season 1 and 2. There are 6 seasons so I will break these down into parts as I am currently on Season 3 now.

Season 1 Recap

*Upper East Side finds out that Serena is back in town via Gossip Girl
*Blair finds out that Serena had sex with her boyfriend Nate
*Dan a outsider has had a crush on Serena for years and now gets notice by her and they go on a date
*Dan long time best friend Vanessa comes back home and declares her love for Dan
*Serena and Dan make it official
*Blair breaks up with Nate and sleeps with Chuck in his limo
*Blair father comes into town with his new boyfriend
*The gang breaks into the school for a night of fun when one of their friends ends up really hurt and one of them must take the blame or all of them get expelled. Serena was the one who let them all in.
*Gossip Girl reports that Serena is buying a pregnancy test but it's not for her it's for Blair. Blair is not pregnant when the test is revealed.
*Chuck and Nate get into a fight when Nate finds out Chuck slept with Blair.
*Blair loses her Queen B status after Gossip Girl announced her sleeping with Chuck
*Serena wasn't fond with finding out her mother and Chuck Dad got engaged
*Georgina Sparks arrives in town to blast all of Serena's secrets
*Serena arrived back in town because her brother tried to kill him self
*Real reason why Serena left town was because she killed someone because of drugs
*Blair and Jenny start war on each other via Gossip Girl
*After breaking up with Dan and the real reason coming out about Serena she goes back to her old habits of drinking and partying again. Blair, Nate and Chuck step up to help her and take down Georgina.
*Blair calls Georgina parents and has her sent to boot camp
*Dan almost sleeps with Georgina
*Serena mom and Chuck dad get married
*We find out Nate dad was doing drugs and fraud
*Blair and Chuck seem to be getting closer to being a couple

Season 2 Recap

*Serena and Nate have a fake relationship to cover up Nate having a affair with a married women
*Blair wants Chuck to say I love you but he doesn't
*Blair starts dating Royalty but Chuck has other plans
*Dan and Serena keep their recent hookups a secret
*Serena and Dan break up for good
*Blair questions the lack of passion in her relationship
*Dan gets cozy to a new student at school, Serena denies being jealous, and Blair tries to sabotage it
*Serena is the new Queen B at school
*Blair tries to sabotage her mother fashion show but Jenny is there to save the day
*Dan gets close to Chuck so he can write a story about him
*After a fight with Blair, Serena attends Yale gathering to sabotage it for Blair
*We find out that Nate is poor
*Serena befriends Agnes and takes a walk on the wild side
*Serena is attracted to a artist named Aaron Rose
*Jenny and Agnes plans to sneak into Serena mother award show with a fashion show showing off Jenny clothing line
*Jenny and Nate kiss!
*Vanessa and Dan are angry when they find out from Gossip Girl that Nate kissed Jenny
*Blair babysits a Yale donor daughter only to find out the daughter is not so sweet and might mess up her only chance to get into her dream college of Yale University.
*Dan tries to get close to Bart Bass to uncover a secret of Barts to expose but it gets heated when Chuck finds out
*Blair mother has a new boyfriend that Blair is not so happy about
*Dan tells Aaron about Serena past
*At annual snowflake ball, Blair and Chuck believe they can find ideal dates for each other
*Chuck Father Bart gets in a car accident and dies
*Jack Bass (Chuck Uncle) arrives to see who will heir the Bass Industries
*Jenny becomes homeless when her and her father get into a heated argument about way she has been acting
*Chuck inherits the Industry but his uncle is very angry and upset
*Dan finds out that his father Rufus and Lily have a child together
*Rufus is upset with Lily after finding out she gave up their son to adoption but they make up and become a couple
*Blair finds out she didn't get accepted to Yale but Dan and Serena got in
*Dan finds out his financial aid to Yale got cut
*Chuck and his uncle declare war on each other over the Bass Industry
*Dan sleeps with his teacher and she is fired but gets rehired again
*Gossip Girl is out to get Blair and reveals all her secrets making her turn her back on her life for a more wilder life style
*Blair sleeps with Carter
*Serena throws Jenny a party but Serena makes it all about her self
*Blair tells Chuck she loves him "We are Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck. And I love you"
*Chuck doesn't say I love you back
*Blair and Nate start getting closer together again. Chuck and Vanessa work together to break them up. Chuck and Vanessa sleep together!
*Serena goes to Spain with Poppy and Gabe only to return to a complicated relationship
*Blair make a secret deal with Nate grandfather and things go wrong when Nate finds out
*Dan gets a job
*Georgina returns but is not her usual self
* The gang come up with a plan to take down Gabe because he is into fraud but only find out that Poppy is in on it too
*Chuck and Nate are at a cross roads again in their friendship because of their mutual interest in Blair
*Chuck doesn't say I love you again and lets Blair go to Nate
*Blair and Nate break up again
*Serena is arrested by her mom
*Georgina is back to her old ways and follows Poppy to get the money back that she took
*Dan gets Serena out of Jail and takes her to Prom
*Chuck sets a plan in motion to let Blair have her dream prom and makes her prom queen
*The gang is all graduating
*Gossip Girl lets all the secrets come out at graduation and announces that Gossip Girl will be going with them to College
*Gossip Girl leaks the secret that Blair slept with Jack and Chuck slept with Vanessa
*Gossip Girl blames it all on Serena and Serena sets a plan in motion to find out who Gossip Girl really is but it doesn't work
*Chuck finally says I love you to Blair and they end up as a couple

CES <3

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