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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 5 Recap

Hey Grey Fans are you ready for another recap on this week episode? What did you think about this episode? Side note it seems that I have numbered the episodes wrong I thought this was episode 4 but it's actually episode 5 I forgot that the premiere was 2 hours long so it counted for episode 1 and 2, My mistake guys it will be fixed after this episode!

Warning: If you haven't seen this episode please do not read this post, It contains spoilers about this episode....

* Derek and Meredith are tired
* Arizona is still staying in the apartment without Callie
* Jackson Girlfriend is meeting his mom for the first time since they been dating
* Jackson mom is worried about Richard and talks to Bailey about it. Jackson mom walks in on Jackson and his Girlfriend Stephanie almost having sex.
* Jackson mom is mad at Jackson for trying to have sex in the hospital "You are a Avery"
* Meredith is scrubing in on a heart/liver transplant with Cristina
* Jo is helping Alex dad get off the drugs even get into a rehab but he is being stubborn
* Stephanie asks for Jackson mom help with a man with a giant penis. He said he got stung by 25 or 30 bees.
* Meredith is worried about not giving Zola enough time since having the baby
* Alex dad passed stress test and can be discharged. Jo wants Alex to talk to his dad but he doesn't want to.
* The guy stuck his penis in a hornets nest and his bladder burst now he needs surgery. Jackson mom is still mad at Stephanie.
* Jackson mom wants Richard to come home with her
* Zola hit her head and needs stitches, Meredith goes attend to her
* Alex dad is not going to rehab and Jo tries one last time to get Alex to talk to his dad
* The heart patient needs to go into surgery sooner than expected without Meredith
* Jackson mom, Jackson, and Stephanie have to do surgery together
* Meredith has to leave Zola with Alex so she can do the surgery
* Cristina doesn't want Meredith doing the surgery anymore she got replaced with Bailey
* Richard declines on leaving with Jackson mom. He needs to stay.
* Alex and his Dad was in a elevator together and his dad said nothing to him
* Cristina and Meredith were arguing about the surgery. Cristina says Meredith is not gifted with surgery right now. Cristina tells Meredith they are in different places now in their lives.
* Stephanie confronts Jackson mom about what happen
* Meredith yells at Derek about her not getting to do surgery
* Callie kicks Arizona out and moves back into her apartment and dances in her underwear

This episode was so much better than last week episode because it was more intense and had more drama. I just wanna say I love Jackson! He is so sexy :) Anyways how do you feel about Jackson being with the intern Stephanie? I personally still like him to be with April!! So the two main things I think happened tonight were Alex dad being in the hospital and Alex not wanting to talk to him; also Cristina and Meredith arguing! I still feel really bad for Alex, I just want him to be happy for once I think he deserves to be happy. Lastly how shocked were you about the Cristina and Meredith fight? If you could pick a side which side would you be on?

CES <3

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