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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Once Upon a Time: Wonderland Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

"I found my self in Wonderland, Get back on my feet again. Is this Real or is this Pretend? I'll take a stand until the end"- Avril Lavigne (This would be the perfect song for this show by the way).......

Hey fans of Once upon a time! Did you know they made a spin off show called Wonderland featuring the story of Alice? Well I am here to follow you down this journey in Wonderland while I recap every episode of this series. Let's begin with episode 1....

* A young Alice travels to Wonderland and runs to her father to tell her where she been
* Knaves of Hearts is in Storybrooke. He was in Granny's Diner.
* White Rabbit talks to Knaves of Hearts about saving Alice
* Alice is in a Mental Hospital because her dad doesn't believe her about Wonderland
* Red Queen army is after Alice
* Alice finds Cyrus the Genie in the Bottle
* "Proof that all of this is real"- Alice
* Alice captured the white rabbit to show proof to her father
* "When you love someone you don't need proof you can feel it"- Cyrus
* Alice falls in love with the Genie
* Queen is after Alice and Cyrus
* Cyrus falls to his death off the cliff
* The officials at the Hospital have a new procedure they want to do on Alice to take away her memory of Wonderland
* Knaves of Hearts comes for Alice and tells her Cyrus is alive
* "Seeing things Doctor? I heard there is a procedure for that"- Alice
* Alice escapes with White Rabbit and Knaves back to Wonderland
* Alice and Knave get stuck in Marshmellows and White Rabbit leaves
* Cyrus is rumored to be at the Mad Hatter house
* Alice still has her three wishes she hasn't made yet
* Alice said she will give her wishes to Knaves if he stays and helps
* White Rabbit is working for the Queen???
* Queen wants White Rabbit to report everything about Alice
* Jaffar threatens the Queen. He wants Alice too.
* Jaffar wants the three wishes for his self
* Knaves is Wanted dead or alive
* Knaves takes the shoes that has the wishes after Alice climbs a tree to get a better view of the Mad Hatter house
* Alice meets up with the Cat in Wonderland
* Cheshire the Cat is out to get Alice and eat her
* Knaves saves Alice from the Cat
* "You know you can't steal a wish it has to be granted"- Alice
* Cyrus is not at the Mad Hatter House
* Alice found Cyrus necklace
* Jaffar has Cyrus!!!! When Cyrus fell off the cliff he landed on Jaffar magic carpet and is locked in a cage now.

I looked up the reviews on this show and it's basically a hit or miss because people didn't like the graphics/music and the actor who plays the red queen... What did you think of this episode? I personally loved the episode especially Alice! Alice character is more badass because she fights for what she believes in and she can actually defend her self. The white rabbit I was shocked about because I didn't know that he was working for the red queen. If you want to know whether I agree with the majority of the audience about the casting of the red queen is that I do agree because I just didn't like the actress playing her character. Last I love how they are doing a cross over with Aladdin by bringing in the genie and Jaffar, it brings more mystery and more excitement to the world of Wonderland and I can't wait to see how this plays out. Who else will they bring to Wonderland or Who would you like them to bring to Wonderland? Let Alice be reunited with her love Cyrus!!!

CES <3

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