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Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekly Recap/Thoughts on Fall Watch List #1

Hey Everyone! I am starting a new series where every week I will share my thoughts and reactions about the shows that I watched for that week. Now If you haven't checked out my fall watch list then go check that out first before reading this post because there I share what shows I am watching this fall. I will try to do these every week if I can. Most likely these will go up on either Sunday or Monday. If you watch the same shows as I do then please comment below and give me your thoughts about this weeks episodes.

Fall Watch List Link: http://ces101.blogspot.com/2013/10/my-fall-watch-list-2013.html

Warning: There will be some spoilers for the shows that I will be doing this week so If you haven't seen the episodes yet please don't read this.....


Ravenswood Season 1 Episode 1
So for the ones that don't know of this show its a spin off series from Pretty Little Liars. It's about 5 strangers who are bound by a curse that's in Ravenswood. Caleb and Miranda see headstones of their selves and start looking for answers. I personally love this new series! I liked how it had drama, mystery and it even had some scary parts to it. The end shocked me the most when their car went down the bridge and into the water. Who will survive? I hope next week they talk more about the curse and why the 5 of them are connected. Seems like the people in Ravenswood know more than they are telling. By the way who else thinks Miranda uncle is creepy??

Pretty Little Liars Halloween Episode
Can you believe that they finally showed Alison and she is alive?!?! The only thing is they didn't show her till the end of the episode. The liars went to Ravenswood trying to find Alison but ended up getting lost in a secret passage at the grave yard. I loved how they introduced the characters of Luke and Miranda. It was sad though when Hanna let Caleb stay with Miranda so he can help her find her uncle. Do you think Hanna should have stayed too? or Should Caleb never stayed with Miranda? I am excited to see how the story plays out with Alison being alive when the show returns. Last I think this episode wasn't scary as they made it out to be the Ravenswood series was more scary than the PLL episode. When the show returns the things I would like to see is Alison interacting with the liars, Ezra showing a different side, and what Mona has planned now.

Originals Season 1 Episode 3 and 4
Klaus has a plan in motion to get his brother Elijah back by gaining Marciel trust and saving his life. Davina the powerful witch doesn't want to give him back she wants to figure out how to kill a original. Hayley finds out she is having a girl. Klaus takes his sights on getting Devina to switch sides. I love this show! Klaus and Elijah are my favorites. You got to admit even though Klaus is evil he does have a softer side that he keeps hidden. Also who wishes Caroline should come to the Originals and be with Klaus? I still love them two together.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Season 1 Episode 3
This episode told the story of Will (Knaves) and about his lover. Alice and Knaves were captured by the Grindle monster but Alice defeated the Bandersnatch and they are set free with the enchanted mirror. Alice finds out that the White Rabbit has betrayed her trust and is working for the Red Queen. The thing that shocked me the most was finding out that Knaves lover is the Red Queen!!! Can't wait to find out how this plays out and how Alice will react to this. Can you believe that Red Queen and Jafar were actually playing nice together in this episode? How long do you think it will last? The sad thing is that we won't see another episode for 2 weeks... I love fairy tales and magic! I actually need to get caught up on the original Once I am so behind on that show. Just seen a preview that Hook and Emma kiss!!! I been wanting them to get together!!! Who agrees with me? Last what characters would you like to see in Wonderland?

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 6
So this episode wasn't that exciting as I would have like it to be but we did see Alex punch his dad and Meredith confronting Cristina about way she been acting. I felt sorry for Alex because he really tried to bond with his dad till his dad said he had another kid he hasn't seen in a while that was when Alex lost his temper. Anyways it seems like Callie is trying to find her groove again which I am glad she is because I didn't like how Arizona treated her and then cheated on her. Callie deserves someone who wouldn't do that to her. Anyways Meredith is back to doing her mom research but she is worried she will turn out being just like her mom. Do you think Meredith will be okay in the end?

Reign Season 1 Episode 2
Mary is worried that someone in the castle wants her gone so she is determined to find out who. The person who wants Mary head on a stick is the Queen because her seer saw that Mary will cause the death of her son Francis. Francis is willing to protect Mary and help her find who wants her gone. I am so far loving this series! It doesn't exactly go by the history but it's exciting to see what the characters would do and normally wouldn't do. It takes the history of Mary and give it a twist to keep the audience excited and wanting more from this show. I would love for Mary to take down the queen! I am ready to see that battle take place...

Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 2
I am behind with episodes of this season because of another show coming on the same time as this does so I will be talking about episodes that has passed so bare with me till I can get caught up. Anyways Silas wants Katherine to his self and he will do whatever it takes to make that happen. Can you believe that Silas doppleganger is Stefan?!?! Crazy that we didn't see that coming. But I do enjoy seeing Katherine suffer and finally know how Elena felt when she was human and now Katherine is human and has to fight for her life. Finally I loved seeing Jeremy and Silas showdown! Jeremy is looking hot!! 

Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 3
Wow I didn't know Carol was such a badass but I did suspect she killed Karen and David. Rick knew almost right away that Carol killed them. Why did you think she did it? Anyways ugh Glenn better not die!!! Can't believe he is sick now! I hope they get to the medicine in time to save the rest of the people.

Witches of East End Season 1 Episode 4
So Freddie Prince Jr. was in this episode and he still looks hot! Anyways the girls mom has a vision that her lawyer was getting attack next so she and the guy who knows she does magic went to his house to stop it. We finally thought we knew who the shifter was because it was a guy who burned the girls in 1969 I think but he was only the messenger. Freya in order to impress her fiance mom she had to get the two brothers to come together for a dinner while Ingrid was dealing with the guy who she loved becoming dead! I hope he is not dead!!! He is a really great guy! 

CES <3

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