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Sunday, September 15, 2013

My New Tattoo! Tattoo #2

Hey everyone! So yesterday me, my mom and brother went to go get tattoo's. This was tattoo #2 for me but for my mom and brother it was their first time getting a tattoo.

The tattoo I found for me was a owl dreamcatcher and I love it! I found it on Pinterest. I got the tattoo on my right leg and it took about 2 hours to do. It costed about $200.

The only time it hurt was when he did the outline of the feathers and the shading!

I also decided to get my daughter name as well.

The tattoo place is called Infamous Ink...

Meaning of Tattoo: 
I got my daughter name because I always said when I have children I want their names on me. I got the dream catcher because it represents protection. The owl design because of their grace and beauty.

CES <3

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