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Friday, August 30, 2013

Pretty Little Liars: Season 4 Episode 11 Recap

Hey everyone! I know I am behind so today I am catching up on PLL. This is the episode before the summer finale and this is a western episode! This episode is called "Bring Down The Hoe."


* Girls think CeeCee been hiding out at Alison house
* Emily is afraid of Shana
* Hanna Mom is not having good luck finding a lawyer
* Lt. Tanner shows up at School she tells the girls that the police found a muddy shoe that was at the wreckage at Emily house. The muddy shoe matches the one at the crime scene of Wilden murder!!
* Spencer wants to check out the living space in the basement to see if they can find proof about CeeCee living there and being back in town
* Paige thinks Zoe is into Emily (Zoe was Emily Humanity caseworker)
* Rosewood High is throwing a Hoe Down. Western Music, Western Dancing, and sighting of Red Coat?
* Aria asks Jake to be her date for the Hoe Down, He accepts
* Ezra is not really in a good mood and snaps at Emily
* Caleb "Getty up little doggy" says that to Hanna
* Hanna opens her locker and finds a envelope. Inside there is a note that says "Maybe this can help your mother" and cash!
* When Spencer and Toby got in his truck the radio came on and his mother was singing "Any Time" The same lyrics that A gave to Toby.
* Toby took the cd out and on the cd it said "Theres more where this came from"- A
* Hanna thinks she has a stalker and confronts a guy at the Brew that's been following her around school
* Emily finds a button in the crawl space
* Emily texted Hanna to see if Alison mom was with Hanna and she is. Someone else is in Alison house!
* Aria put her eye in a hole in the ceiling to see who is inside the house but she almost gotten her eye poked out! Red Coat? or A?
* The girls questioned Spencer about Toby and Spencer spills the beans to them about Toby mom
* Ezra "At least I know you didn't lose it or throw it in the river" says to Aria. River? Same as when Melissa threw the mask into river, or when Jenna was hit and threw into river or when Hanna was fighting someone in the river. Coincidence or Something more?
* Jake and Ezra meet! Awkward!!!
* Jake buys Aria boots for the Hoe Down
* Cinderella moment between Aria and Jake <3
* Emily packs her things and is now staying with Spencer at her house
* Alison and Emily Flashback: Alison was painting Emily nails. Alison tells Emily to break up with Ben. Emily asks why and she says because you deserve better. "You need to be careful at what your good at hun because then you'll spend the rest of your life doing it" One time Alison friend wanting to break up with her scary boyfriend but she couldn't do it so Alison did but the guy pulled a gun on her, he didn't go to Rosewood High he was a older guy.
* CeeCee is alive and she was wearing all black but we see a red coat in the trailer room. Is she A or Red Coat????
* The girls attend the Hoe Down
* Hanna meets the stalker guy at the Hoe Down and he said he put the money in her locker and he knows her mom is innocent!!!
* The guy said he saw Wilden that night. Wilden called from Lake and asked him to tow his car out of the lake. He said Hanna mom was there that night talking to Wilden then she drove off. The guy said he heard gun shots and a girl running through the woods. Hanna mom is innocent!!!
* The guy name is Travis and Hanna dances with him at the Hoe Down
* Ezra was at the Hoe down and he was staring at Aria dancing. Jake seen Ezra staring at her.
* A sent Toby a picture of Dr. Palmer old car
* Jake tells Ezra he needs to give Aria space and let her move on
* Toby confronts Spencer about telling the girls about his mom and he walks out on her
* Spencer tells Caleb to follow Toby to the place that A gave Toby about Dr. Palmer car
* Red Coat is at the Barn!!!!
* Hanna wants Travis to tell the police the truth about that night of Wilden getting murdered
* Spencer and Emily found a red coat in a hay ride truck but no sighting of the person wearing it
* Caleb meets up with Toby trying to break into Dr. Palmer car when police show and they took off. A set Toby up
* Travis tells Lt. Tanner about what happened that night
* The red coat that Spencer and Emily found was missing a button
* Aria shows up at Ezra apartment and he tells her what happened
* At end it shows CeeCee in a black hoodie listening to Ezra and Aria conversation
* Also A was shown with dolls that looked like the girl and stabbing a doll with a arrow

Are there two A's?
Is CeeCee Drake A?
Who is Red Coat?
Is Alison Alive or Dead?
Will Hanna mom be set free for good?
What's going to happen between Aria and Ezra?
Is Ezra hiding something?

Stay tuned because next recap is the PLL summer finale! I will be doing a recap, my thoughts and my theories on what happened in the summer finale. Also I will be doing a Season 4 faves of fashion of the girls.

CES <3

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