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Friday, August 16, 2013

Blogust Day 16: Chloe Torticollis Update #2

Hey everyone! Today is day 16 of Blogust and I am doing a update on Chloe Torticollis and how Physical Therapy been helping her with her head and neck.

So at her 4 month check-up Chloe doctor recommended us to see a physical therapist about her head and neck. At the appointment we found out that Chloe has a flat spot on her head and she has Torticollis. On her left side of her neck, her neck muscles are short and very tight.

Chloe prefers to only use the right side of her head which makes her have poor left rotation of her neck. Everyday I do exercises to try and help relax the muscles and to get her use to using the left side. What I do is lay her on her tummy and lay her head down facing the left side and hold it there as long as she will let me. They also recommend a lot of tummy time because it will help strengthen her head and neck.

Chloe goes to PT every Wednesday at 10am. We go to a place called Hope Therapy and they are amazing! The staff is very friendly and professional. Chloe physical therapist will explain what she is doing when she does it to Chloe so I can understand how to do it at home. She gives me plenty of ideas that I can do with Chloe. They are thinking about having Chloe do PT for 3-6 months. Soon we will find out if Chloe needs a helmet or a band to help with her flat spot.

When Chloe goes to PT she gets really annoyed sometimes but she is getting better with the exercises. She is slowly learning to use the left side. Her rotation on her left side is getting better with time.

I really hope this helps her and we don't have to use a helmet or a band for her head!

I will update ya'll every month or when I can!!

CES <3

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