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Friday, August 2, 2013

Blogust Day 2: Baby Haul #6

Hey everyone! Today is day 2 of blogust which means you will see a new post from me everyday of this month. Earlier today I went to Walmart and picked up some baby essentials. My main goal was to buy a baby walker for Chloe.

I wanted a baby walker for Chloe because my back is always in pain and it's hard to hold her all the time. I can also use this to feed her. This was $39.88 at Walmart.

We were out of baby detergent so we picked this up.

I love using these bags and was almost out of these. I don't really use the diaper pail but I like these refill bags as to dispose of her diapers. It keeps the scent in the bag.

Since Chloe is eating baby cereal and baby food now I needed to pick up some more spoons. I love this brand. The spoons are soft and change colors when the food is too hot.

Right now Chloe has been eating Gerber Pureed Carrots so next we are going to try Green Beans. Reason why we are starting baby food is because lately Chloe became interested in our food!

I picked up these two bath essentials. A rubber duck and a baby sponge that I thought would help when giving her a bath. Chloe doesn't have a lot of bath toys yet.

Baby sunglasses! Her grandparents love to take her outside in the sun so I thought these would help protect her eyes from the sun.

I picked up two boxes of Parent Choice size two diapers. A box of diapers usually will last Chloe for 2 weeks. When I have the money I liked to stock up on diapers. I haven't tried out this brand yet. Each box costed $13.47.

This is my baby haul that I picked up for Chloe!

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  1. The parent choice diapers are cost effective and are decent diapers for the money. I was buying these for my son and he started having leaking especially at night so I switch to Luvs. My son sleeps through the night and these diapers hold all of his pee for the most part unless he has had too much to drink before bed time. He is two.

  2. Oh I wish I had known about the diapers! I have a 1 1/2 big boxes of luvs I would given to you for cheaper. Since we switched to Cloth i'm trying to get rid of these. Oh and be careful on stocking up to fast lol, you'll end up like me with 2 boxes of diapers that don't fit haha