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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pretty Little Liars: Season 4 Episode 3 Recap

Hey PLL Fans!
What did you think about last night episode?

Warning: If you haven't watched this episode then please don't read this yet. Contains spoilers!

This episode was called "Cat's Cradle"

* The girls talk about Hanna mom and how she is connected to the bird. Bird is connected to Alison, Alison connected to Wilden and Wilden connected to Hanna mom.
* Aria is jealous of her mom love life
* Hanna finds a mask in a old box of things
* Spencer confronts her sister. Melissa said she might be leaving Rosewood for good.
* Caleb is back in town!!!!
* Hanna is worried about her mom
* "She always knows when your at your weakest"- Toby
* Toby thinks big A is a girl
* Toby keeps going over the notes about his mom death at Radley
* Hanna mom tells Hanna not to say anything to no one but she won't tell her the truth
* Aria has a date with Jake!!!!
* "If people match up too much then there won't be any surprises"- Jake
* Hanna found out her mom lied to her
* Emily mom found out that Emily took some of her pills
* Hanna finds a board with all them linked to Wilden as suspects
* Hanna saw Melissa talking to a cop
* Caleb talking to Mr. Marin about Wilden and Hanna mom. Caleb is asking for his help.
* Spencer and Toby broke into Radley to find the window where his mom would have jumped out.
* Hanna, Emily, and Aria go check out Hector who made the Alison mask
* Hector tells them about Ali while Hector molds Emily face
* Spencer told Toby she doesn't think his mom jumped out the window
* Mr. Marin told Caleb that Hanna mom came to see him. Mr. Marin said that a gun was missing out of his possesion.
* Someone called Family Services on Emily mom
* Aria wants her mom to leave Rosewood for a little bit with her mom new boyfriend.
* Hanna found a mask of Melissa at Hector place

So this is my recap on last night episode, here is what I thought of this episode.... So Mona was not in this episode tonight so where was she? Well at least Caleb is back!!! I missed Caleb. Anyways so the girls find a mask in an old box and found out that a guy named Hector created it. Uh can you say creepy? That guy Hector seems so creepy. Just want to say that I really think Hanna mom killed Wilden, I mean all the evidence points to her. She really needs to get out of town this time instead of lying to Hanna about it. Hanna might say funny or stupid things but Hanna can be really smart. So Aria goes on her first date with Jake!!! I think he is perfect for her plus he is sooo sexy. Toby and Spencer find out that maybe Toby mom didn't commit suicide.... I really think she was murdered. So at the end we find out that a mask was also made of Melissa. I don't trust her at all she is up to something.

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Hope you enjoyed this episode. Here is a preview to next week episode!!!

CES <3

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