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Monday, June 3, 2013

Update: College Fall Semester 2013

Hey everyone!

So if you read my thoughts of the day posts then you know that I had some trouble registering for my fall classes. When I went to register it showed that I had two restrictions on me... #1 I had to re apply to the college because I miss only one semester for being pregnant! So stupid! #2 I had to show my college proof that I had the bacterial meningitis shot.

First I had to re apply to the college which actually I did online and only took a couple of minutes to do. Next I had to do my Fafsa (Financial Aid) online and that was an easy process to do, the deadline for that was June 1.

Next I had to call my doctor to get the paper showing I had the bacterial meningitis shot which in Texas there is a law stating that you have to have that shot before you can attend college. After I got the proof I went up to my college and they told me I had no more restrictions on me! I was so glad!

Anyways so I am finally registered for the fall semester of college. My classes start August 26 and they end December 13. I am only taking 2 classes because the other classes weren't offered in the fall. I was so mad because I wanted to take more so I can graduate early. I hope to graduate by the end of next year. I am probably going to take Winter and Summer classes if any are offered for me that way I can graduate by the date that I want to. After taking these two classes I will have 7 left to take.

So what am I taking the Fall Semester?

#1: Family, School and Community
This is a child development course that is mandatory to take.
Total of 16 hours of Lab
5 hours Lab
5 hours Community service
6 hours Elementary School

#2: Intro to Sociology
I am re-taking this class because I miss too many days and didn't get credit for this class

*So this is my update on college. I will do another one a little after I start the semester to let you know how it's going*

CES <3

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