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Friday, June 28, 2013

My Thoughts Of The Day: 6/28/2013

Hey everyone so I haven't done one of these post in a while so I did one today! Anyways me and Chloe woke up around 10:30am she has been still sleeping through the night and now she sleeps till 10am. It lets me get some more sleep because lately I been having really bad insomnia. So after I changed and fed her we went into the living room and I made me some waffles, usually I just put Chloe in her play pen+bassinet thing we bought and I sit her up on the boppy pillow that way I can sit down at the table and eat. While I ate I got on Instagram.

So today was the first time my mom got a steroid injection into her back. My mom has to get these done because she has a slip disk in her back and her doctor wants to try injections before giving her surgery. We hope that my mom doesn't have to get surgery on her back. Please pray for her!

After I ate me and Chloe went back into my room and I decided I wanted to finally watch the movie Mirror Mirror (The fairy tale story about Snow White). I actually really loved that movie, I am always a sucker for fairy tales and magic. Josh calls me a nerd! So after I watched this movie my mom watched Chloe while I went with my dad to the store to get food for tonight. When I checked the temperature it was 102 degrees!!! Texas weather I really hate.... After we got back I fed and changed Chloe then we took a very late nap. I usually don't let Chloe take late naps but I was really exhausted and was in a little pain. We woke up around 8:30pm! I didn't know we slept that late.

So right before I started this blog post Chloe spit up on my bed then I go and spill water all over it! Ugh! I hate that I am so clumsy I hope Chloe doesn't get that from me. So now Chloe is laying next to me in bed and yes I do still do co-sleeping with her. I will be doing a separate post on why I choose co-sleeping very soon. So right now as I am typing this I am watching youtube videos, I usually do that every night before I go to sleep plus I also check Instagram too.

Oh I forgot that I finally made me a doctor appointment for July 15 because this month I been on my period for 3 weeks! That is not normal plus I am still having horrible back pain as well.

 Waffles and Syrup! I also had me a cup of water. I been trying to drink more water lately.

Ignore her eyes I didn't know the flash was on when I took this picture.

Oh the cost to go to the doctor now since I have no health insurance!

This was taken in her crib. Right now I use her crib to change her and if I need to get stuff done in my room I usually put her in it.

Very good remake of a classic fairy tale of Snow White. It is romantic but also funny. I also love romantic comedy movies.

Me and my baby girl

Ending my night eating these chips! Of course when you open the bag though it's mostly filled with air. Don't you hate that? I know I do!!

*So I hope you had a great day today. Can't you believe that it is almost July! These months go by so fast. I am almost going back to College.*

CES <3

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