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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pretty Little Liars: Season 4 Episode 2 Recap

Hey PLL Fans it's time for another recap on my favorite show Pretty Little Liars. Chloe is asleep right now so I finally have the time to put this up. What did you think about this episode?

Warning: If you haven't seen this episode called "Turn of the Shoe" then please don't read this yet. This blog post contains spoilers....

Alright PLL Fans, Let's begin.....

* The liars argued if they really saw Alison or if they are just going crazy. What do you think? Could Alison really be alive?
* The girls went to check on the rv that Hanna and Mona hidden. When they got there the rv was missing!
* Mona got into her car and was going to leave when she got attacked by A! A was trying to kill Mona. So does this mean we can trust her now?
* A try to run Emily, Mona, and Aria over with Mona car. Emily pushed the girls out of the way and in the process Emily fell and hurt her shoulder.
* Hanna mom is back in town!
* Hanna mom lied to Hanna about her phone being missing. What is she hiding?
* Hanna confronts Shana about Jenna and Wilden
* Spencer tells Ezra that she didn't get into the college of her choice. She starts crying to Ezra saying she will be the first in her family not to go to that school. Ezra said he will help her on her college essay.
* "It's their loss"- Ezra
* Aria takes Martial Arts lessons so she can defend her self against A
* "Last book I finished was Very Hungry Caterpillar"- Hanna
* Hanna found her mom clothes very muddy and questioned to whether she was in NY or not
* Hanna talks to Alison mom and Alison mom shows Hanna a talking bird named Tippy. He spent a lot of time with Alison.
* We get another flashback and it's about Alison and her mom. Alison wanted the girls to go to Cape May with her but her mom said no so Ali started to hold her breath and she is very good at it till her mom finally said yes but only for one night. Well come to find out Alison never invited the girls and her mom thought she was hanging out with a older crowd.
* Aria kisses her Martial Arts instructor named Jake!!!! He is sooo hot!
* Aria sees Mona talking to a cop. The other cops were talking about Wilden saying he was with a women that night wearing high heels. I think it's Ashley Marin. Maybe she killed him???
* Toby tells Spencer the truth. Spencer was mad because it could really affect them. Toby showed Spencer a transcript of his mom at Radley. He doesn't think his mom committed suicide. Poor Toby...
* Shana tells Emily that she is up for the last spot at Stanford too.
* Emily takes too much pills and she passes out and hits her head in the pool
* Hanna takes the bird from Alison mom and brings it over to Spencer house
* Hanna confronts her mom but her mom lies to Hanna. Hanna really knows that something is wrong.
* Tippy the bird starts singing and Spencer figures it out that the bird is singing a phone number
* Jake is very interested in Aria! I like them together.... Sorry Ezria fans!
* Emily tells Paige about A almost running her over
* Tippy the bird is missing and A has it!!!!

So this is my recap on this episode called "Turn of the Shoe" now I will do my thoughts. Since A was trying to kill Mona does that mean we can trust her now? I just have my doubts about her and I don't know if she can really be trusted. I think Hanna mom is really hiding something and possibly she killed Wilden, I mean A is framing her for the murder maybe she really did it. You never know in Rosewood. Anyways is it just me or is Alison mom getting creeper with every episode.... I just don't trust her at all. So we find out that Alison is very good at holding her breath, I think she was buried alive..... Just a theory but it could be very possible. So Aria kissed Jake!!! I am not really a Ezria shipper so I do think she should give Jake a chance. Anyways wow Emily got hurt so much in this episode it's crazy! Emily you got to be more careful..... A is everywhere. I do feel so bad for Toby I hate to see him cry and I do hope he finds the truth about his mom. Poor Toby :(

Hottie of the Week: Jake the martial arts instructor

Here is next week preview:

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